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Which aftershave must you always have?

Okay, not really the Veg. Really: Bootleggers, Speick, Pitralon German, Clubman, Floid (V or A).

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Nivea Post Shave balm

Works great, cheap when bought in bulk (Amazon), does not burn; the scent is so light it might as well be unscented.
Looking back through my endless combinations of soaps/aftershaves/razors/etc SOTD pics, I can definitely say, I need my B&M Reserve Classic Aftershave. It's me in a bottle.

Honorable Mention:
Proraso Green
B&M Behold the Whatsis!
Fine L'Orange Noir
It's evolving for me... but now it's:
Proraso Green

Weird thing is that I rarely use it after I shave (usually at night), my soaps are leaving my skin in good shape and I let the scent linger.
I like to use it in the morning as a bit of a wake me up.
I'm surprised that it ended up this way, however,
Captain's Choice Lime
is without a doubt the most reached for AS in my drawer and I am going to be sad when it runs out and I am on sabbatical. It is the only current AS I plan to repurchase. I might also expand into some of the other offerings from the captain.
Proraso Green (and now probably Red too)
Lucky Tiger AST
Barrister & Mann Reserve (probably the Classic scent)
Paco Rabanne Pour Homme AS
Aramis AS


A little poofier than I prefer
Proraso Green for sure! Clubman Classic Vanilla. Superior 70. Everything else is just nice to have.
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