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Which aftershave must you always have?

Not because you don’t use it and it just stays on the shelf [emoji16]

But one that you use regularly use and must always have enough of.

Mine would be Brut. The warmth in that green bottle is nothing short of the most comforting shavegasm ever..

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Most of the ones I’d never go without are from Fine.

American Blend
l’Orange Noir
Clean Vetiver
Homebrew of 4711/WH/glycerin. Gives me all the benefits of WH without the stink. Moreover, the 4711 scent quickly fades, allowing me to use EDTs and EDPs without conflict.
Classic Aqua Velva
Mennen Skin Bracer
Pinaud Clubman
La Toja
Vintage Shulton Old Spice
Bootlegger’s Bay Rum
M&L Florida Water
Proraso Green
My favourites are discontinued but I will always have both Chatillon Lux's alcohol splash and toner in some form or another
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