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Which acquisition disorder hits you hardest?

I was in the early restraint last year, and I cowboy only for replacement. My disorders were fairly modest, but I did a lot of damage to my wallet with just soaps, creams, and aftershaves. Brush, bowl, and Fatboy are constants. Now I am rotating through a closet full of one-shot wonders, while I keep to my regulars:

--49-year-old Floris brush, up for rtensdgering again this year
--Utilemud red and violet lather bowl
--Six soaps
--Three creams
--Three aftershaves

And I am happy.
I pressed "send" before I proofread. Sorry. I meant "yearly" restraint. I have no idea what "cowboy" means in this context.
My soaps are:
--MdC Rose
--LPL Rose de Pushkar
--Tcheon Fung Sing Bergamotto Neroli
--Soap Commander Love (rose)
--Fine Italian Citrus
--TOBS Grapefruit

My creams are:
--TH Rose

My aftershaves are:
--Fine Italian Citrus
--4711 Cologne, used for all shaves i Haven't a specific aftershave for
So far, it's just been blades (mainly to figure out what I like, but hunting for store brand Israeli made Personna has been fun, and I have found out that the AAFES brand My Star is one of them), brushes (I think I'll settle for 3 of each of the main knot hair types... for now) and soaps/aftershaves (they must match if scented!), but yesterday I picked up a 1952 3rd Quarter Super Speed (X 3), so now I want a 1977 3rd Quarter Super Speed, because it has the same date codes, and I need to hunt down a 1951 4th Quarter (W 4) Super Speed to match my Dad's 1976 4th Quarter Super Speed!
I thought we were supposed to be saving money.....
Every couple years i get a small AD of some. I think the last 10 years had a huge marketplace surge of just about everything.

You're not kidding. Between razors, soaps, and aftershaves it seems like there's been an explosion in what's available. Makes it way too hard to manage all these ADs lol.
I started out with SAD, dabbled with RAD, and now am in a combination of SAD and AAD.

I got my mild RAD under control by finding a razor that works great for me and I haven't used anything else that competes with it. It's a titanium Timeless .95 and it just works for me.

On the soap front, I have a bad tendency to want to try out all the new scents and I also tend to get bored with scents quickly. That leads to purchase after purchase when I don't really need anything else.

On the positive side though, after all these purchases im starting to realize that a lot of the soaps are very similar to one another and it really comes down to finding a few scents for each season.

That brings me to my most recent AD, aftershaves. I've learned from my SAD to not buy every single aftershave that gets released since many will be similar to one another. Rather, I'm trying to be more selective and purchase a unique variety of scents rather than a bunch that smell almost identical.
SOAPS : Im in for next year restraint. Wife asked me if Im gonna stop buying shaving stuff as I received 7 soaps and 1 AS last week. Problem is I have 22 soaps, 1 Simpsons and 4 AS coming in the mail from 5 different places in the next days. Means more knock knock at the door for deliveries and everytime it gives her a reason to complain. Plan is to stock some unopened stuff and duplicates in a box outside the main bathroom out of sight.
I think I’m starting down the razor rabbit hole. There’s a few techs that look intriguing on the global shave site
Soaps currently. Was razors but the GameChanger.84 and JAWS have satisfied that itch.

Brushes come in second- just purchased a Simpson's Trafalgar T3 since I was buying more soap.

Even though I strive to be a minimalist shaver, I still get the itch to try a new razor or blade every now and again.
Update: this week it has been what we musicians call G.A.S., or “Gear Acquisition Syndrome.” I purchased a guitar and two effect pedals.

Oh, and I scored a Simpson’s Silvertip Chubby 2 in copper ice, too.

Somebody please help me.
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