Where/what sources do you utilize for pipe tobacco? Any hidden secret sources?

Discussion in 'The Brown Leaf' started by 2ltdjorn, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. Return to pipe, now I need tobacco!

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  2. poorboy

    poorboy Contributor

    You can get pretty good deals on CigarBid.
  3. SmokingPipes.com
  4. bberg100

    bberg100 Moderator

    Smoking Pipes
    Pipes & Cigars when SP is out, though P&C is notorious for backorders...
  5. Smoking pipes used most also pipes and cigars and 4 noggins. When im looking for Rattrays tobacco 4 noggins seems to stock it more often than the others.
  6. Price

    Price Moderator Emeritus

    Nearly 100 pounds in my cellar, at least 90% of it came from smokingpipes.

    I've avoided P&C for a few years now - I was not a fan of their customer service.
  7. Smokingpipes and also LJ Peretti.

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  8. Pipesandcigars.com; smokingpipes.com; tobaccopipes.com;watchcitycigar.com (has fantastic "house" blends); cigarbid.com (careful with this one, you can spend a lot quickly, but good deals nonetheless). I also have my favorite B&M that is unfortunately, four hours away. I try to buy something from them every time I'm in town; doing my part to help them survive. I've not experienced any horrors with P&C as some have; they tend to have some good deals, as do the others of course. Buy tobacco on sale if at all possible. Sometimes it is better to pay for shipping rather than load up your cart to get free shipping, but not very often!

    Have fun!
  9. Price

    Price Moderator Emeritus

    I do not comprehend this concept.
  10. Me neither, I've never experienced this phenomenal form of irrationality that undermines the basic concept of building a cellar!
  11. Like I said, "but not very often"! If I'm after one particular tobacco and I've no history with it, a couple or three tins or a few to eight ounces will suffice. And, if I'm in tobacco purchase purgatory, a simple, small order is best. Otherwise I've always the Price Advice - keep adding Escudo until you get free shipping. Although I've modified that some to include other blends.

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