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Just returning from cleaning out the local C&E of the last 5 jars of their sweet almond oil cream.

They gave me a free, travel sized synthetic brush so I gave it to my 4 year old son and taught him how to whip up a fine lather.

He's actually pretty good at it :laugh: . I'll post picks some time.
In bed, getting my first night's sleep since Thursday morning.

I work at the UK's UCAS, Universites and Colleges Admissions Service, and this was what we call ABL Weekend when all the exam results come in from all the schools and we have to match them against the university applications and get all the results out to the universities so they can decide if they accept or decline the applicants.

The first results arrived Thursday and as I'm in the IT section and my job is ABL, I've been there most of the time since then! We got it done by last night but I've been back in for a few hours this morning in case of problems from the universities.

The applicants get their results next Thursday but we know them already and are under threat of death not to reveal them to anyone! So for any Brits with kids doing their A levels, no, I won't tell you their results!

Well done on the new server and I'm glad to say, ours worked too.

Time for a nice soak in the bath and the first shave since Thursday!

At a local folk music festival, listening to klezmer and zydeco and gospel tunes while the boys ate ice cream cones.

Note: don't tell anyone, but there are people out there, you know, in the sunlight, outside of the house. It was interesting, but I don't think I'm going out there again. 2 reasons: too far away from my B&B, and some of those people out there don't shave!
At the mall doing a little people watching while the wife was getting her hair done. Let me tell Ya'll there are some freaky people out there!!! I did buy a tube of Taylor's Lavender and GFT Rose at Enchante while I waited.

Dining on poblano relleno con pollo and trying to subtly faceturbate so the couple we were with didn't get too concerned. BTW, the vanilla notes in Lolita Lempicka au Masculin pair quite nicely with flan. :wink2:
I guess I was home. I was surprised to see the site was up when I checked this morning. I figured it would take a couple days. I am glad everything seems to have gone smoothly.
Tryed to log in twice. Liked the badger sign.. Way cool Nick!:thumbup1:
Fell asleep watching the International History Channel.


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I remember it as if it were yesterday. There was a knock on the door, and my 2nd grade teacher broke out in tears. They sent us home early as people huddled around transistor radios and peered into any store that had a television.

No. Wait a minute. That was the Kennedy assasination.

Never mind.
From about midnight on Saturday till just a few minutes ago-


This was all I got!
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Big project due today so I had to keep my head down and get it done. Going to sleep tonight like a rock.
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