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Where to get tabac samples?

So I've been reading a lot about tabac and what to find out myself how it is before I buy. Has anyone tried the AS or the shave cream ?
Soap and AS are fantastic. I think Garry (Garry's Sample Shop) has samples... don't be afraid to try the soap. I found the Tabac to be easy to lather.
I've read it has that barbershop smell to it. I like clubman AF so if it has a similar smell I'll be adding it to my collection of soaps and AFs
I have the after shave lotion. Bought it because I had heard both rave reviews of praise and dreaded dislikes for an awful long time. Had the chance to purchase a smaller bottle for not a lot of $$. It's not bad, certainly not the best fragrance I've experienced, but not bad. I get a lot of floral (carnations) notes with some slightly powdery woody dry down. Kind of reminds me a little of English Leather, sort of, but a bit more carnation notes on the top through dry down. I guess it does have that old world barbershop note to it, like old fashioned men's talcum powder smell. Not really an after shave I'm going to wear much, but I may dab a bit on my neck just for something different on occasion. Not the best stuff in my experience, but certainly not bad at all.
I love tabac, its very hit and miss, I think you either love it, or you hate it, it does have a very strong powdery scent, kind of baby powder, or talc powder, and musky. But I like it. As far as a sample, maybe ask around and see if somebody can cut you a chunk off their shave stick or send some cream in a little hobby painting tub.
Thanks to mftoms for the samples and extras! I'll update when I use everything I do know I like the smells!
So I just used tabac for the first time and I really like it it lathers fast and smells great!
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