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I've been waiting to make the plunge on some purchases. I haven't decided on the DE razor. I believe I've decided Tobac for my soap. I like the reviews, I'm looking forward to the scent. I'm a big fan of John Ford for a cologne. I also like Gucci II, both of which are earthy and peppery. My concern is will it linger to long and effect the scent of some of my other colognes. As for the razor, blades and brush, one step at a time. There are just to many options. Where do you gents tend to shop for the best deals?

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Most soaps don't linger for very long. Creams "typically" last longer, but then they are still very faint to my nose.
If you've decided on the DE there is nowhere except this forum's very own 'Mer' for his Mergress razor. It's art and function all in one!

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Internet purchasing is easy, brick and mortar is entirely different. I don't know about you guys, but I always keep my eyes peeled for little beauty supply shops, drug stores, knive stores, etc. Don't know why, just more personal I guess.
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