Where to buy Proraso/Floid in Italy?

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    Hi guys,

    I'm currently in Florence, followed by Venice and lastly in Milan.

    Just touched down at Florence actually and I was not able to find it.

    Since my last stop is at Milan, Italians forumers here, is it easier to find them in Milan since it's my last stop and lighter for me.

    Pls advise me the perfumerie name or grocery/supermarkets that I should look out for especially in Milan.

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  1. I'm sure our man in Italy Marco will be along shortly to give you tips! But my understanding is that it is very common in most stores in Italy that carry shaving or personal hygiene products.
  2. I had a friend just return from Italy. He spent quite a few days in Florence. He brought me back some Cella Extra Extra Purisima and Acqua di Parma Colonia shave cream. He said he saw Proraso available but the locals shook their heads and pointed their palms toward the sky when he asked for Floid. Try PMing Marco. Good luck.
  3. When I went to Rome, Proraso was available in almost every pharmacy. The entire line.

    For other shaving specialty shops to find all the other goodies, Marco gave me the addresses of a few places to find things. Not sure he'll be able to help you outside of his home in Rome, but its worth a shot I suppose.
  4. I would just walk into any perfumery you see. I did that while in Trapani, and found plenty of Proraso, P160, Floid, and Vitos.

    I'm sure some shops are better than others, but if Proraso and Floid are what you're looking for, I'm sure they're widely available. Prices were very low.
  5. Proraso in supermarkets, Floid in a more specialized store.

    But if still in Florence, it is your chance to pick up the Santa Maria Novella...

    Good luck!

  6. I have already picked up SMN yesterday. Thanks for the idea.

    Was out the whole day out of Florence today and when I get back at 8pm most shops are closed maybe I try to look around tomorrow.

    What are the supermarts in Florence that I should check out?

    Thanks yet again

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  7. Marco

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    Proraso in most supermarkets, in particular Carrefour and Auchan stock a very nice range. At Auchan I've found the Green, Red, White and newest Blue line. Floids are easy to find at the local barbershop suppliers and very reasonably priced, about €15 for the 400ml glass bottle.
  8. Marco, you mean I can walk in to barbershops to buy Floid? Thanks

    Today gotten the Prorasa greens ( shaving crop , aftershave , preshave )at Conad Supermarket
    ( Largo Fratelli
    Alinari - near Florence SMN Termini ).

    Went to a few perfumeries, they didn't stock floid but most stock acqua di parma. Maybe perfumeries find are too cheap for them.

  9. There is a chain of shops called Aqua Sapone. It was the only place I found that stocked Poraso in the Lake Garda region this year. I was really surprised to find that most stores I tried hadn't even heard of Proraso or Floid. It's easier to get here in the UK.
  10. Marco

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    There are many barbershops that use the Italian Floids and also sell them. You can certainly ask, but I was mainly talking about barbershop suppliers, i.e. the places where barbers get their stuff. Proraso is very easy to find, almost everywhere - no problem here. AdP is great, on the expensive side but if this is not an issue for you, then...

    P.S. The Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica Santa Maria Novella in Florence this year is celebrating 400 years from the foundation and has just been restored. I have seen many beautiful shots and it truly deserves at least a visit. Give a look here http://www.smnovella.it/en/home.asp?idc=286&lang=en

  11. Proraso is to be had at most supermarkest and pharmacies. Get a few barber shaves while you're there. They are all really good at it. The barbers are often happy to sell you some of whatever products they use if you like them. Just ask. Many use Proraso or the Point.
  12. Yes. Beautiful and impressive shop! Not to mention their "colonia"...!!!!!:001_wub:

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