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Where to buy Gillette Super Thin

Hello all. I was wondering if anybody knew where to find these Gillette Super Thins in bulk. I can only find them as a five pack on ebay right now. They come in a red pack with King Gillette on the front and they look to have Thai or Vietnamese writing on them. I really like these blades and would like to be able to find them in bulk. Thanks!
I have 95 blades Gillette Thin, in a goldish finish, and I don't understand why people want them, as I find it is not up to today's standards. At best, good for one shave.

Those are different.
The gold ones are Gillette Thin made many years ago and the ones the thread are about are Gillette Super Thin made in Vietnam and Thailand.
I LOVE the Super Thin blades and can get at least seven shaves out of each blade.
I have 300 of them but havent saw any on ebay recently.
I'm not sure why there is the shortage. All the vendors are either out or down to their last hundred and don't know when they'll get more.
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