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Hey fellow shavers can you help me ?

Back in July 2019 several users (ShaveMD, Loot & Dragonsbeard) got together to do a Shave Off Showdown involving several dozen razors - vintages, adjustables, moderns and a few SE. They compared rare razors and had efficiency shaves as well as smoothest shave in many categories. There were literally 5000 posts and many razors as well as techniques were reviewed and discussed including shower shaving and stretch techniques. Many friendships resulted and enablers literally drove prices up on those other sites. Frank (AKA Dragonsbeard) single handedly put alot of effort into this ongoing thread but now the entire thread, which has been the most active and longest standing one on the board (except for the "what I shaved with today threads"), is missing. Did it get accidentally erased or "blowen up" by the large multi-national cartridge corporations because their disposables are threatened ?

Where is the "Shave Off Showdown" thread and where is Dragonsbeard ? Is he ok ? Is the thread changing into it's own wiki or independent web site ? Please someone let us know ...
That thread lead to many of us exploring and trying many different razors. It had input from 100’s of members on this forum, information given is priceless and it provided rock solid information on 100’s of razors. No single or small group of people should be allowed to delete such useful information. I will probably be banned from this forum but I am ashamed to be a member of a forum that would single handedly remove such a huge, informative thread, it’s like going back to the days of book burning.
Wow if the "Shave Off" got removed intentionally that is just not right. It was the best thread on this and any of the boards. Personally, I learned so much about rare and unavailable razors that I applied to shaving with my current razors - it was more useful than any "sponsored" shave video on youtube. Please bring back the "World Shave Off" thread as nearly 18 months and 5000 posts are useful I would think.
Say what? It's gone? That's a shame. Some very good info in that thread. What gives admin/mods?

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I sent a message yesterday thru the contact us on the bottom of the thread and no response. If this thread was pulled by a moderator, put it back, or just prove the negative comments out there about the moderators on this forum.
If it was removed that is a shame... If that thread was removed purposely what a loss to this site or what is left of this site. I really don’t have a need to read on this site anymore. The showdown should be moved end of discussion...
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I have the Showdown on my list of watched thereads, but it is now gone! Apparently deleted by someone? Moderators?
Further when I searched for the OP, Dragonsbeard, amongst members, he is no longer listed.
As popular and long standing as the thread was, I hope someone involved in this decision will provide an explanation to the rest of us.
That thread had some useful information for those looking to compare equipment,
when tricky purchase decisions had to be made.

It's sad that this info is now lost. I remember making almost a hundred scrrenshots
of the reviews on it.
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I'm not sure if this can happen in B&B but some forums allow some members to delete threads that they started. If Dragonsbeard spat his dummy, he may have deleted his threads.

Have all his threads been deleted?

P.S. Just checked. He still has other threads available here.
I think having this thread moved, presumably by a mod, without answering the question speaks volumes. Frankie is also removed from the user list, as others have pointed out, so I can only assume he has been banned. Admin/mods need to address the absence of both the work...and the man. Kinda depressing to see that much good work removed without explanation. Frankie musta spent an hour or two on each of the shave-offs and there had to be a couple hundred of them. Damned shame it is.


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I'd bet it's going to become a "sticky". Unless something vulgar was posted? I must admit, I don't think I ever read it.

Was Frank a vendor?

Still weird for it to disappear.


Dragonsbeard is no longer a member. As such some of his content is no longer on B&B. For privacy reasons we do not discuss why members choose to leave B&B.

As for the World Shave Off thread we are reviewing the thread and if it is suitable for reinstatement we will do so.


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Thanks Jason.

The thread in question is back in the Clubs and Brotherhoods Sub-Forum.

I'm very glad to see that you are all mindful of the fact that we are all guests of the owners on a Private Forum.
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