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Where In The World Is PoshRichM

Hey guys, and especially Ron, sorry! Work has been crazy, and I thought I had replied to your e-mail, Ron, I apologize.

But I'm still around. I'm trying to log in once a week or so, but not doing a...

Rich sent me this on 11/15.

Also, just because you're not logged in or posting doesn't mean you're not hanging around. I browse daily, I'm just not usually logged in. :001_tt2:

Hey everyone: still around, and still wet shaving. Haven't been on much, obviously, but that's looking to change, finally.

I'm also putting up a cupboard soon just for all my shaving stuff: I'm nearly out of counter space in my master bath, so I'll be sure to post before & after pics (taken with the lovely Olympus I acquired from Joel, never fear).

Sorry to be such a bad participator. :blushing: Looks like life's turning around, anyway.

Welcome back (sort of) Rich! I'm looking forward to seeing pics of your shave den transformation.

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