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Where do you sell your spares?

It is disappointing to read that others have had similar experience with Ebay. I am awaiting the returned item - it would have been cheaper to have just refunded straight off, but I paid for the return label too ... of course I will be expecting either an empty parcel or something different to what was originally sent .. either way, my logic is that the person will have the inconvenience of having to go out of their way to get the parcel returned verified first - they will have to waste their time to complete their theft - that to me will be worth the money it is costing me.
Many sellers state "No Returns" in their listings but the fact is that if any buyer of any product requests a refund for almost any reason, then EBay will instruct the seller to pay it. If the seller does not do so then EBay will refund the buyer themselves and pass the fee to the seller. What the seller may or may not state in their listing is irrelevant. The buyer 'should' return the item in original condition but some do not. Ebay favours buyers because it cannot afford to get a reputation as being a marketplace where it is not safe to shop. Large scale sellers factor losses like this into their P&L, similar to shoplifting in brick and mortar stores. Small scale sellers cannot afford to do this and that is the point.
Thank you very much EclipseRedRing! As noted, I’m new here and to the eBay world. I appreciate your wisdom!

you can write what you want in your listing. It is non binding and ebay has its own return policy that it holds everyone to. If the buyer claims item is not as described they can get a refund
Thanks Chance0277! Like I said, I’m new at this. Your insight and comments are sincerely appreciated! Nice to be here where people so openly share honest opinions and advice. You too EclipseRedRing!

Ebay’s buyer-friendly policies are seller-hostile. I think they are overtly unfair to sellers. I was badly screwed on a transaction and I will never sell there again. eBay—-no way!!
Not sure where you live, but in bigger cities, there are sometimes vintage shops that might buy, or more likely show on commission items. Where razors have that 'vintage' thing going for them, regardless of an actual knowledgeable buyer, they might take it on. Also, I know of one shop in my area, mostly knives/knive sharpening, but they had a shaving area in back and not only sold razors, but had a couple on commission. You might check out if there are any UK Facebook groups with razor fans that also bst. Finally, if it isn't worth it for bst here, wait til you have a larger amount of stuff and do it as a batch sell?

If all else fails, you can at least feel good about losing the money and donate it to the Saint Sue charity auction in the fall. :)
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