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Where do you put your shaving gear?

So you've got your shaving brush, your cream/soap, your brush, your pre- and post-shave treatments, and most importantly, a bunch of other stuff. Oh, and maybe a razor. How do you all store it?

Currently, I keep my EJ DE89 razor and PAA Phantom Aerolite brush (somewhat awkwardly crammed into the brush slot between the handle and knot) on a possibly overpriced razor stand I got from Amazon, while I put my aftershave and shaving soap/creams in my bathroom cabinet. Right now, I tend to wrap the blade I'm currently using back in its wrapper and set it on the stand when I'm not using it, but I'm trying to figure out if there's a better way.
Shelves, drawers, bathroom counter, nightstand, closet...🙂

I have stuff all over, out of sight, but most of my stuff is in the spare bathroom that I have claimed for my den.

Really, if you do a search, you will find threads with tons of pictures, and a lot of WOW! Some guys here have really beautiful bathrooms specifically custom built with their collection in mind.
We have three cabinets, a couple of drawers and a shelf in the main bath. That's where anything in active rotation is. I bring a razor, brush, soap/cream, bowl to the vanity when I'm ready to shave. When I'm done, the razor gets lightly washed and dried. The blade is rinsed, patted dry, and either returned to the razor I just used or transferred to another razor (or tossed if it's ready to be tossed). The brush is cleaned under running warm water as is the bowl. Once done, everything is put away. The razor and brush are held in one of those little razor/brush holders on a shelf overnight and then put back in their respective cabinets. I don't leave anything out except for my toothbrush and toothpaste in a highball glass on the vanity. Wife does the same. Those things are moved off when I shave and when everything is cleaned up, returned to their respective spots. I insist on a clean and tidy bathroom. The main stash of blades and spare products (soap refills, Old Spice boxed sets, mugs, etc.) are kept in a closet in the library.
Soaps, aftershaves, and the brushes of the week are in a closet in the bathroom. My razors sre downstairs in the Man Cave. They almost need a room of there own. I will shave, clean up everything. Take rhe razor doenstairs, put a comment on the spreadsheet then pick out tomorrow's razor and set it on top of the razor dresser so its ready for the next day.


three-tu-tu, three-tu-tu
I gave my wife the master bedroom bath and have the other upstairs bathroom all to myself. I made a hanging cabinet and then we put an addition on the house that made the bathroom window a little silly, so I made a shelf unit to fill that space. Between the medicine cabinet (razors, blades, WH, balm, etc.) and the other two storage spaces I've got it covered.

I replaced the sink with a pedestal sink that has about a 5" wide shelf (they probably don't call it that) around the top. I leave two soaps on that, which I probably wouldn't get away with if it wasn't "my" bathroom.
I have been using the same stuff for a week at a time. It lifes on the window sill. I have a drawer below and to thebside that has the restof my stuff.

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