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Where Do People Get their Stuff?

Are there any stores (other than Barber Shops and Target) that carry shaving related stuff? I mean...women have such cool places to find lotions and creams, yet we are reduced to one 4 foot section at Target with Proraso?

Are there some kind of botique men's store that are in most states (Phx, AZ?) that carry shaving supplies, travel bags, cologne, etc?

I'm not sure if there are any Crabtree & Evelyn stores near Phoenix, but I believe that's the only shop near me (Rochester, NY) that carries decent shaving supplies.

This sort of thread makes me want to go back to Wall Drug. I don't know if they have anything shaving-related, but you have to love stores that obscure! :001_tt1:
Bath & Body Works has a very small selection, but can suffice. They have C.O. Bigelow cream (Made by proraso and very similar), and some various aftershaves (sadly all of them have alcohol...I bought one that smelled nice and woodsy, but haven't tried it yet).

As for anywhere else, I am still hunting for those places myself. I really want to stop being a web-hugger and go out and find the stuff on my own.
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