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Where do I get blades from.

I am new to DE shaving and have a sample pack in the mail from west coast shaving. However I was wondering where everyone gets their blades from. Do you order them off the internet or are you getting them at local stores. If so what stores are you finding them in? I have found some at Walgreens but they are $10 for a pack of 10 Gillette’s. I like the blade but would like to find a cheaper maybe better blade.
Thanks for the help.
west coast shaving

There is quite a few other fine vendors that sell blades.
Check the shopping mall and B/S/T here on the forum.
Amazon for my Derbys, Classicshaving.com for Feathers, I know some people find great deals on ebay. A lot of the shaving vendors offer something in the way of blades.


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It depends which blade you want to get. I try to stay local with my blades and I order them over the net. I do sometimes buy them in stores but I saw Wilkinson sword and Merkur around here, not my first choice. If I cannot get what I want locally, I will check with either a member here or find a shop online to get them!
BST usually has some pretty good deals on blades...I however order blades from WestCoastShaving.com, red personnas 100 blades for 10 bucks is absolutely worth it...
Thanks for the input everyone. I have my sample pack and I'm getting ready to start on it. Not sure which blade I will start with, but can't wait to get started with them.
Like most of us in Europe, I get mine from The Website That Dare Not Speak Its Name.

Very pleased with the service of this store, they have a good selection too.

I am able to buy Wilkinson sword NOS for £0.79 from a local shop, too bad I don't get on with them though :\ :redface:
Check the little independent shops for cheaper blades.
Mostly eBay. $12 for 100 Astra Super Platinum, $10 for 100 Red pack IPs, etc..

Watch the B/S/T forum for B&B members selling quality blades for competitive prices. Feather blades can be found frequently for about $35 for 100 blades.
I get a good many of mine from ......... shaving in the UK. Good service and selection. If you're looking for a good cheap blade, try the Treet Dura Sharps in the yellow and white wrapper. You can get them for about 9 cents a blade, and they perform better than many costing much more.
I've just ordered a sampler pack of everything DrIdiot has as being in the UK, we get personna, unnamed personna (both pretty meh), Wilkinsons and gillette blues (hard to find!) thats it..... I am now waiting to receive them :) I can't wait :D

I've ordered most of mine from West Coast Shaving.

I see you are in N.J. If you get into the City check out Pasteur Pharmacy, at 62nd & Lex or 34th bet. Park and Madison. A lot of guys also like Cambridge Chemists, which is near the uptown Pasteur, but I've never shopped there.
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