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Where can I get samples?

I stopped by my local Macy's and Sephora. I smelled some fragrances on cards. But I want to know what they are like wearing them for a day. I can get headaches from certain scents, and I need to pick scents that will not do that to me. In short, I don't want to buy blind.

Does anyone know good places to get samples? Like, tiny decants? I found microperfumes.com. Is it legit? Has anyone here ever ordered from them?
Luckyscent has a great selection, as does The Perfumed Court. I'm sure there are others, but these are the ones that come to mind.
Here's some additional sources. I embedded the link with each choice. The Basenotes source will be your best choice for decants. You'll need to be a member of Basenotes but it's well worth it to join, even if you're not very interested in fragrances. I have purchased quite a few decants from Basenotes and they're really well done. Feel free to PM me if you need help with Basenotes.

Decant Shop

Perfume samples and decants

Surrender to chance

Basenotes - Fragrance Splits Board

included links for the previously mentioned sources

The Perfumed Court

I was asking if there are certain dept. stores that are more inclined to have and distribute samples? I’d prefer going to a store in person, spraying a few things and then requesting samples of anything I didn’t actually spray that day (or of something I was undecided about).
Decant X has a really good selection of fragrances, both niche and designer.
I've got an order of decants due for delivery Monday.
* Hermes Terre d'Hermes Eau Intense Vetiver EDP
* Dior Eau Sauvage EDT
* Tom Ford Noir EDT
* Versace Pour Homme EDT
* Ralph Lauren Polo Deep Blue Parfum
* Prada Les Infusions d'Iris Cedre EDP
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