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Where can I get Menthol Crystals?

Holy crap, that's high.

Thats 1/2 a pound.....there are much more reasonable quantities available for less. The link posted would be equivalent to posting a WTB for some wood to make scales, and somebody selling you a whole forest. You need a minuscule amount for a bottle
Google "menthol crystals e cig" you should find lots of sites selling small quantities for reasonable prices.
PM me your address and I'll mail you enough to completely ruin a couple of bottles of aftershave.

Awesome. Thanks. I just need to ruin one bottle of a/s.

Now, you dissolve these, correct? Dissolve, then put into product or dissolve into the product itself?

Can you put them into a solid product, like shave cream? Well, that's not really solid....

What's funny is when I asked about where to get some, I had an idea of exactly what I was going to do with them. I have totally forgotten now.
I drop the crystals into the AS I want to mentholate, it takes a while for the crystals to dissolve completely and the AS will get cooler for several days. Don't add a bunch of crystals to your favorite AS because you can make it much too mentholated, try an AS that isn't very expensive first.

I have read that you can dissolve the crystals in alcohol and then add it to you AS but I have never done it that way.

You could also mentholate shampoo or liquid hand soap. Why would you want to mentholate hand soap? I don't know, but you could do it :001_smile
I've got a pile of them as well if you want any 'boone. They are crazy potent and the bag I've got should last for YEARS (although much shorter if I decide to mentholate my astroglide).
I forgot who sent me some, but they arrived. I got an envelope in the mail and it was some liquid on it. I smelled it. Took a big whiff. So, I'm in the street at the mailbox crying. I opened it up and it was liquified. I put it in the fridge to solidify again. It worked. Just have to be careful opening it up, but gotta find something to freeze now.

Hmm....I wonder if putting some in a lotion would make a good muscle rub?
I sent you some. Was the return address Texas?

How hot is it in Columbia right now?

You were the only one. It was you, then. :) It's like in the 90's unless it's raining. Wait ten minutes, it'll change. I can salvage some though. thanks again for sending!
I'm really surprised that they melted and leaked, I packed the crystals in a zip lock bag. Did the bag get broken or torn?
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