Where are you at, collecting wise?

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    Yup, that's about where I am...fairly content with the 90-120 razors I have, all are shave ready, and I'm content at any time to pick up any one and enjoy shaving with it...my latest pick-up was a Mappin Brothers Lancet Edge razor, that one's been on the list for awhile, but other than that, same for me, historical or unique blade, then I'm interested.
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    im at a mere 200ish... ill thin the heard at some point (though I cant bare to part with most of them).. Ive gotten to the point where i have at least one of everything I want and now I can be especially picky with any new acquisitions.
  2. At what point is a bunch of razors a collection? When does one cross the line from being a razor buyer into being a razor collector?
    I don't put a lot of thought into it really - I just buy a razor when I'm in the mood, and I'll move one out when the modd strikes also. I'm content with the razors I own/use, but I can be sparked to get another one at any given moment.
  3. I have about 60 straights, about half of them being Filarmonicas, I decided to focus on Spanish blades and I feel that my collection is complete for the most part

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  4. Is it fair to say that collectors of straights are likely to have larger collections than those of us who favor the DE? And btw, those straights seen earlier in the thread were amazing.
  5. I'm guessing I'm at a little over 200 straights and about a dozen DE. I am only planning to add a couple of unicorns if I ever find them and when time allows, I will sell off a big portion as I don't want them to live in a closed drawer without use.
  6. I just realized it would be incredibly rude and thoughtless of me to speak about my very last razor and not include any pictures of it in this thread. lol. This masterpiece brought to you by Ulrik Beyer of Koraat and Alfredo Gil aka Doc226 of B&B.
    41D37A10-6C4C-48A3-A141-C5BF3B1110D9.jpeg B2562EED-5FE2-470B-BBB0-096F7922567F.jpeg BCD9DC63-EDFA-40EB-9290-0BDB1134FF59.jpeg
  7. That is one beautiful razor. How well does Damascus hold an edge?
  8. Thanks. So far so good, I just got the razor a few weeks ago and it is holding up just fine. The damascus pattern is textured and has low spots were the black lines are and raised spots with the silver metal shows. There is a small area on the very tip of the heel where the blade turns up that is saw like. The metal pattern breaks through the edge for about 1mm and has two teeth, but its at the very end of the heel and I don’t notice it at all. This spot will eventually hone out over time.

    This is my only damascus pattern blade and I was just looking at the blade under the loupe, checking for any rust. I was worried because of the texturing might capture water. I treat it the same as my other razors, hot water finish, palm strop, wipe off with a towel then strop 25 on leather and let it air out for a few hours before placing it in a silicone sleeve.
  9. I have one straight, and that is all I want. My objective is just one Sheffield made razor that I can use. It needs a refurb, and providing that I don't make a complete hash of it, and get it back performing like it should, that will be me satisfied. Only if I screw it up, will I look for another.
  10. Done with the larger items. 7 day Joseph Fenton and Sons that say Sykes Works on the blades.. (oxymoron as my last name is Sykes) 4 day Kropp set. 2 day Fenton and Sons in leather pouch. Kropp 7/8 that is my favorite shaver. Dorko 8/8. Still would like to get a Wacker chevalier and a WB 8/8.
  11. I thought I was beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel until I viewed a small portion of Antoine's collection on Pinterest. Oh boy, I'm hearing that voice again.
  12. I have far too many! :001_302:

    I just sorted through another fifteen or so this morning I received yesterday! lol
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    So the light you saw wasn't the end of the tunnel but the headlights of the Antoine express train.

    I've seen your collection Royce. It has very many unique and very fine razors, but it's also a very consistent collection. You've found your niche and there's not much to add to it that you don't already have.

    There are grand razors that I don't have, but very few of them that would add something that I don't already have, and I do have more than my fair share of nice razors. That's why I have decided against buying a Koraat thumb notch razor. It would be to spend about $400 on something that would look very nice but wouldn't add anything that I didn't already have shave wise.

    This is my way of saying that I'm pretty sure you'll continue to buy razors occasionally, but that the days of big expenditures are over. You've seen the light of the end of the tunnel. Then again I'm usually wrong.
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    hmmm not even going here :001_tt2::001_tt2::001_tt2::001_tt2::001_tt2: i have one or 2
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    Some people trip and fall into the rabbit hole. Some descend slowly and deliberately. Some just jump in.

    Ian is the first person I have ever seen lean over the edge head first and turn the jet pack on full power.
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    As the saying goes if your going to do it do it in style, or as you say go big or go home, the only trouble is I ran out of fuel to get back out bugger. :001_tt2::001_tt2::001_tt2::001_tt2::001_tt2: But have learned a lot on this short time here and still learning. :letterk1::letterk1::letterk1::letterk1:

    Just don't ask how many
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    But Shawn!! I can see mrto on his way down.

    Looks like Mark has that jet pack on.
  18. I only collect unique pieces now, plus I'd like a modern stainless. I have maybe 20 DEs, 3 or 4 Injectors, 10 or 12 SEs (including GEMs, Valet Auto Strops, and modern Feather AC handles), and 3 SRs. I regularly use about 10 of my razors, and occasionally use another 10. The rest are mostly for display because they are unique, blades no longer exist, or they are just awful shavers (in some cases--they are awful shavers that blades no longer exist like the King Oscillator).

    I have 7 brushes--two of which are horrible shedders and the handles aren't worth using for a new knot and I plan to replace them at some point. I have 2 vintage Ever Ready badger brushes that are in almost new condition that I got from my father in law when he was cleaning out some old stuff--those are part of my barbershop display and I've only used them a couple of times--they are sentimental to me and I like keeping them just how they are.

    I currently have 7 soaps and 1 cream. I tend to get new ones for Christmas, birthday, and father's day so don't buy much of those for myself--but I do like to keep lists of my favorites so my wife and kids know what to buy.

  19. My boosters flamed out ages ago I've been in free fall ever since without a parachute! lol

    Actually,the total haul I received a couple of days ago was seventeen,twelve GD's and five vintage of varying ages,but all very good to excellent.

    I shaved this morning with one of the vintage ones that was shave ready and marked "Adelphi Hotel Liverpool".It has lovely clean lines a round nose and is very robust!

    Interestingly,Liverpool was a major arrival and departure point for ocean liners going to and coming from North America in the early 20th century.The Adelphi Hotel at the time was the most popular hotel in Liverpool for wealthy passengers before they embarked for America.

    The Razor was acquired from ebay USA and so it is quite likely the razor travelled to the United States with a passenger who had stayed at the Adelphi Hotel,who had presumably purchased the razor whilst staying there.

    Or,pinched it from the Hotel barber shop!lol

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