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Where are all the pictures?

When I joined B&B about 7 years ago there were always pictures with just about every thread here. I don't know what changed but now it seems pictures are rare in threads now. Is it because people are using their cell phones? Not sure what's going on but there sure is a lack of pictures.
I think most would agree that pictures make the thread more interesting. If someone buys a new razor or brush let's see what it looks like.


This is interesting though. It is easier than ever before to upload photos to B&B. I would guess that social media is getting all the photos. Instagram especially.
To me, I think most of the forum categories could do without so many pictures (we all know what a bottle of Clubman looks like). For the most part, they just tie up bandwidth and make my computer run slower (especially the new advertisements with embedded videos) :thumbdown
If you become a contributor you won't get ads on B&B. :wink2:

If you're fed up with ads in general use the Brave Browser (I love it). :biggrin:
I was a contributor at one time but stopped. I didn't feel like padding the owners pockets any longer. There wasn't anything exciting or worthwhile in the "contributor corner" and no incentive to continue. Add to that, most of the Mods and Ambassadors don't contribute annually, I didn't see the point.

Install an Ad blocker and the problem is solved. Or as you said, use a different browser that blocks them automatically.

I haven't bought a new razor or brush in years...but here's a pic of a couple of my favorites for you.

A Paladin/M&F collaboration PK-47 in Blonde Badger and an M&F Group Buy Chief in Blonde Badger....and a Simpson M7 Manchurian Badger in the background (currently in use).

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Depending on the thread, there are still a lot of photos. I don't take my phone with me upstairs, so I don't have it while I sleep and I don't have it while I shave. I have to make a concerted effort on the review threads to have a photo to correspond.
We may not contribute monetarily, but please don't say we don't contribute.
Sorry, you don't have financial contributor badges. I never questioned the time you invest or behind the scenes stuff.

Please don't misquote, take out of context or partially quote me in order to try and make me out to be the fool. You knew exactly what I was referring to, money donations to get the "Contributor badge" which is given to members who donated money, not anything else.

@Cal was referring to removing Advertisements by contributing, financially, that is what was being discussed.
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Take a look at the Shave of the Day subforum.
Pictures are nice to make clear some points or to show exactly what you are talking about.
If I just bought a new type of razor and want to show it off you can't beat posting a picture instead of making someone go search for one.
Sometimes I do sometimes I think it is such a freakin mess in this bathroom not going to share that.... or simply do not want to take the time to do it


I really like threads that I can read. I like the conversation. There are some members that are extremely eloquent and their posts are very enjoyable.

Great photos are cool but I have to ration myself on those threads, shiny razors, pretty hones, nice soap boxes inevitably fuel my my HAD, RAD etc.

The balance between the visual and the written word is about right for me.
I enjoy the written word as much as anyone. A well written explanation is very nice to read but sometimes just 1 picture can really make things much clearer.