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When you rotate razor do you also rotate the blade?

I have recently increase my amount of razor from 2 to 10. Still I'm not so well acquainted with all of them so i find myself rotating every 2nd or 3rd shave.

Up to now I have also been switching to a new blade at the same time even if I could get another shave or two out of it.

Do you move blade from one razor to another or do you let it sit till next rotation or just throw it away?
I rotate through 3 razors, and do not change the blades until I think they are starting to get dull. I have a counter to keep track of the number of shaves on each blade.
I use a different razor each day and rotate the blade into the new razor. I stick with one type of razor at a time, which makes it easy to keep track of the number of shaves the blade has on it.
I normally use the same blade and shaver for three shaves and then rotate to another one of my favorites. I change the brush/soap/cream/aftershave every day. Gives me something to look forward to.
I'm too clumsy to be swapping out blades in razors all the time. I pick one razor, load a blade in it, and shave with it until that blade is used up. Then on to the next.
I am pretty much down to one daily driver. But when I a was rotating through ~15 I would use the same razor 'till the blade was done then switch to a new razor/blade combo.
I don't often rotate my razors. I have a few and could if I wanted...but I've been using my Blue Tip exclusively for about 2.5 weeks now and I love it, no reason to change.
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