When wearing a suit, where do you put your pen?

Discussion in 'The Nib' started by @ngel, Jun 27, 2018.

Where do you put your pen?

  1. outside breast jacket pocket

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  2. Inside left jacket pocket

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  3. Shirt pocket

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  4. Doesnt matter

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    My apologies if this has being asked before but, I wear suits for church and special occasions often and I am new to this pen hobby so, what is the proper/apropiate way to sport a pen on a suit? I have seen quiet often guys carrying their pens on the outside breast pocket of the jacket but I’ve also heard thats a big no no, others on their shirt pocket, but not all shirts have such pocket, and finally the inside left jacket pocket which is in my calculated guess the best place, also by observing some of the jackets seem to have a special pen pocket right beside/below such pocket, very interested on your opinion. Thanks in advance.
  1. Inside left jacket pocket for me.
  2. Inside pocket(s) - sometimes one, sometimes both depending on how many I carry. Usually one in a shirt pocket. For something more formal where I would only have one or two, then no to the shirt pocket. Inside jacket pocket, pen pocket if the jacket has one.

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  3. Same.
  4. I have ticked the inside left jacket pocket, actually its the right one for me.

    Pens in shirt pockets or in an outside jacket pocket are too nerdy, just one stage removed from having three different Bic ballpoints, red, blue and black.
  5. rockviper

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    At work, shirt pocket. Outside of work (formal or semi-formal occasions), inside left jacket pocket.
  6. In my bag or my hand .... I don't like to carry a pen (or even cell phone & keys if I can help it) when wearing a suit.
  7. Inside left jacket pocket - usually two pens. Some of my jackets have a one-pen pocket on the left side. If I have my jacket off, the two pens go in my shirt pocket.
  8. In the pocket of my executive assistant.
  9. Is there no fear of a pen leaking, sounds like an accident waiting to happen but i have no first hand experience in the matter.

    Sounds like @Rusty Blade has the right idea.
  10. answer of the day!

    im outside breast pocket or inside left depending on how many pens and where i out my phone or glasses
  11. Somewhere not on my body.
  12. If you are right-handed, inside left coat pocket
  13. Pen? Who uses pens? Left inside jacket pocket as I am right-handed.
  14. [I have ruined enough shirts over the years. If I carry a pen its in a little folding brief case, which means I am signing something otherwise. dont carry.
  15. Doc4

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    Ah, here I disagree.

    I am left-handed. The pen goes in the LEFT inside jacket pocket. When I reach for it, I reach with the right hand ... which pulls the pen out of the pocket holding it by the cap. Then my right hand can continue holding the cap while my left hand then extracts the body of the pen from the cap for immediate use.
  16. If it were a retractable pen would you still use the left pocket?
  17. Doc4

    Doc4 Moderator Emeritus

    A Vanishing Point ... yes. The clip is at the nib end, so ... remove pen from pocket by holding nib end, and other (writing) hand grasps pen to hold, click, and write.

  18. I'd find that clip aggravating... of course i don't own a fountain pen.
  19. My pen doesn't have a cap(!)

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