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When showering : do you wash with your hands or a washcloth?

When showering : do you wash with your hands or a washcloth?

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I recently was shocked when I learned that one of my friends only washed his body with his hands when showering. I've come to learn that many people I know in fact do this.

For SWMBO and me, we prefer to use some kind of washcloth when showering. It seems like it scrubs better, especially on the armpits where a fiilm of anti perspirant may remain when not scrubbed properly.

I guess that YMMV and this is a preference thing, but simply out of pure curiosity, do you use your hands, or a washcloth when showering?

Thanks :)
I use a shower puff or shower scrub towel. If I don't have either of these I use a wash cloth. I feel cleaner and it is polite so the next person does not find hair on the soap.
Hands. My OH uses a body puff but I've never used anything. I find that warm water and shower gel cleans more than well enough.
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By washcloth, I meant either some kind of fabric, a shower tool, poof, etc. - Basically, anything other than your hands.
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Apart from a washcloth, I've also been using a poof/loofah with shower gel (body wash)... This makes huge loads of lather!!! Almost like a good shaving cream and brush :p
I have sensitive skin and was told by my dermatologist that a washcloth can carry laundry detergent or other allergens in the fibers that can cause breakouts and just to use unscented, white dove soap and apply with my hands. He said your hands are just as effective of an applicator as a loofa or washcloth or whatever the heck. This guy was the first doctor who didnt prescribe 10 different creams and compounds that didnt work or made my problem worse. His suggestion, oddly enough was the only one that worked. Have had almost zero acne or dried out inflamed skin in 3 years since just by doing this
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Body poof unless at a hotel then hands and body wash. I like the poof because it creates a lot of lather with only a little body wash and it exfoliates a bit.
"Washandje" ... but I never see those abroad.


(It is a kind of terrycloth glove that is very common here. But abroad I normally only see washcloths).
Hands. I know this is silly because the washcloth has soap on it - but I've always found them kind of gross.

Me, too. Dunno why. If I were to use a washcloth I would have to use a new one every day. Yet I rinse off and hang my shower tool and don't think twice about it.

But mostly, I use my hands. :001_rolle
For those using the poofy thing, you might want to check out one of the shower tools (Axe or Dove). I think they are quite a bit better than the plain puff. Definitely worth a flyer at about $3.50-$4.00.
Yup. I have tried them both and they are great. They have a soft side with the poofy thing, and the other side has a rougher texture for some intense scrubbing. They produce really nice and abundant lather with a minimal quantity of product - allows for body wash $aving$.

Plus, they last longer than a traditional poofy that will fall apart after 3 or 4 weeks of use.
I usually use just my hands. If the soap is right, that's all that's needed. I will use a washcloth from time to time, but its not important to me. Good soap=good shower. Then again, any shower is better than stinking.....
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