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When it's the bevel and when it's not

Ok, just to close the circle on this - I figured it out. I hit the stones again on Wednesday using the microscope. I bottled the edge, then started at the 1000k to set a bevel that was shaving arm hair. Then slurried the coti and went to it. I followed @Timeclo 's advice and skipped the "mud" slurry and went straight to a lighter slurry on the coti and that did the trick. I did 2-3 passes with the coti slurry stone then diluted with a finger-drop of water every 20 passes or so until it was all clear. Then 20 passes with the stone under running water and very light pressure. After stropping (and a Thursday where I didn't have a chance to shave), voila - smooth shave with BBS results this morning. The heavy slurry I made earlier must have dulled the edge off the bezel.

I'm as happy as a lark on payday. My first real success taking an edge from bottle to BBS shave. I'll take the blade to the black ark tonight and see if that's worth the effort on tomorrow's shave.

Thanks all!
The coticule to ark edge can be really nice.
Glad it worked out well for you.
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