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When damaging razor is a good thing!

Somehow, I managed to put a slight ding into a razor just after using it. This was an expensive vintage razor that I had only used that one time. I have had good success in honing eBay beaters, but I have also ruined some. So for expensive razors such as my Filarmonica, I have always sent them out for honing. And I could have sent this razor back to the vendor for touch up. The razor was received from a reliable vendor and it was shave ready. But it tugged just a tad and the shave could have been closer. So instead of sending it back, I took the plunge and decided to hone out the ding myself. I took an old recommendation from Japan-Tool and used a Shapton glass progression of 1k, 2k and 6k followed by my natural stone - Oozuku.

I was pleasantly surprised by my results. I took my time and went back to the Oozuku a few times. When received I was able to get HHT 4 results with fine hair and the root held out. No HHT results with the root held in. After honing, I was getting more reliable HHT 4 results and even got some results with the root held in. I am still not getting silent HHT 5 with this razor. But the shave was much smoother and closer.

The razor was honed by the vendor with 8.5 mil tape, so the bevel angle could be steeper. For my next touch up I may try Scotch 33+ or even a thinner polyamide tape. The razor was expensive, so I will take it slow. But I was pleased at being able to improve the edge and come up with a smoother closer shave. So sometimes damaging a razor can lead to something good.
Good to hear you were able to work it through without an issue! The only way you learn is by taking the bull by the horns and getting it done.
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