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Wheatley Brothers "Wheat Sheaf" razors.

So, I wanted to ask you, esteemed Gentlemen, if you had any Wheat Sheaf raxors in your collection. I am asking because I have owned two, sold them both, and I have a third one on its way. The three of them are stunners, with designs that were quite different; I have only seen these three so far, but after having purchased the latest one, I am starting to get the feeling that the makers did enjoy designing a bit 'outside the box'.

Ever since I started restoring, plenty of English razors have come my way. Some makers would make them dime-a-dozen (Kropp razors, for instance), others would make them in different style, but styles that had already been covered. I don't know, I guess I find a certain 'uniqueness' attached to these blades, that's why I was wondering if you guys had any examples lying around your den.

I will post soon pictures of the two I sold, plus the one that the generous, and very capable chaps at Spanish Customs are keeping for me, at the moment, in their warehouse.
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