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What's your workout today?


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1600 yard Swim

150 yd freestyle warm-up
4x25 yd freestyle sprints
2x250 yd backstroke
2x250 yd breaststroke
1x150 yd freestyle
1x100 yd freestyle cool down


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Hopefully you get better
Thanks man. Appreciate it. It's been pretty arduous. Went to a sports med doc recently. Discovered that in addition, I've had a sports hernia as well. That's tearing of adductor tendons for me. I start PT soon. Hopefully it will be beneficial. I've essentially been on the shelf the last year. Not sure if I'll need a surgical repair or not.


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2/21: 1600 yard Swim
50 yd Free warm up
4x300 yd Free
1x 300 yd Breast
50 yd Free cool down

2/22: 1600 yard Swim
50 yd Free warm up
2x300 yd Back
2x300 yd Breast
1x300 yd Free
50 yd Free cool down
After a few weeks of not hitting the gym, as well as a hamstring that won’t come good, this weeks workouts have been very basic. Tonight pretty much centred around stretching.

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The gym at my apartment complex is trashed: The bench and shoulder machine has snapped its cable, and the A/C has long been broken. Still it was cool enough for me this morning to use the biceps/lat pulldown/rowing/tricep press part of the machine, and to work my hamstrings and do crunches, after a fast 15-minute walk. Soon it'll be too hot to use it, so I'm investigating the nearby Anytime Fitness location.
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