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What's your workflow for new aquisitions?

Hey all.
I was wondering: What are the first things you *always* do/try to do when you find a straight?

For me:

a) take 3-4 pictures. Nothing fancy, just both sides open & closed
b) Assess fragility. If it opens/closes and scales arent broken/trashed its ok.
c) Three 5min rounds of hotwater/soap ultrasonic cleaning with scrub between each
d) Make sure it's *absolutely dry* then rub the whole thing down with Boeshield.

Lots of 'if..thens' after that for me. I just got a USB microscope, so think I will add bevel pictures to the list.

What's your defacto restoration workflow?
If the razor is new I tighten the pins if need, hone and test shave.
If used or vintage I check blade geometry, tighten pins, clean, hone and test shave. Only after some use will I consider additional changes such as new scales and repolish. I like to keep the things as original as possible and will leave patina/some scratches and don't particularly like mirror polish on vintage razors.

I should take before and after pics but dont.
991AB5FF-D737-497C-83CB-6AE54245DC03.jpeg 285F4E3F-92A9-4FAA-83D2-C32F1099403E.jpeg 7564461F-A247-4C4C-B695-6046C55CB26A.jpeg