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What's Your Sun Hat?

For the Netherlands I wear an old orange worn down bleached orange fish hat or an old bush hat when painting the house etc. And a hagglofs blue rain hat when needed. So practical if you wear glassss

in the tropics I have got two Tilley airflos in blue and red... as a dutchie would have loved an orange one though.


I bought a Lanzom wide brim roll up hat last year, haven't looked back. It was mercilessly crushed on our return flight from Jamaica in December and is still very wearable. It's a paper hat, soaks up my sweat and looks pretty dapper.
Tilley LTM9... twelve years old, now discontinued, look at all the mesh! I wear this in the morning summer sun, pounding miles for fast exercise, and when I need a sun hat for traveling. This incredibly protecting hat has seen many, many miles and days in the intense sunshine of the deserts, plains, all over. An occasional wash in the machine, hang dry, this hat truly performs!


Here it is, the Tilley T3, my first of two Tilley models worn all these years. The T3 is my outdoor hat while on the high peaks, backpacking and on the rivers and water while sailing. This one particular hat is an eight year old replacement for the original one that I beat to heck for many years while on the peaks. Tilley replaced the worn one.. complimentary... thank you Tilley.


Stetson Carson Straw... my hat that I wear all about town during the summer months. Love this hat, fits very well, breathes OK due to the air holes. This one is about fifteen years old and still looks great.


If you're in the intense sunshine where you live, wear a good, protecting hat to protect your head, face and skin from the UV's. Wear what you like and enjoy.
Back in the '70s, my Dad took me to a hat shop and said that I needed a "Going to town" hat. He knew that I was probably going to wreck any hat real quick, so he pointed me to a rack of canvas and cotton duck hats. I liked a particular style of Dorfman Pacific and the salesman said I had a choice: 1) Buy the one with a tag that said "Made in Korea" and pay $20; or 2) Buy the one with a tag that said "Made in Stockton, California" and pay $35. We weren't rich, and I was pragmatic even at a young age, so I chose the Korean one.

Later, I found out that my Dad had also bought the U.S.-made hat. Here it is, after a cleaning:

The Korean one became my utility hat. I wore it to cut firewood, mow the lawn, build a porch, etc. until it finally fell apart.

Meanwhile, my Dad had been wearing various caps, fedoras, Panama hats, and a couple of Stetsons since the 1920s. Then, sometime in the '80s, he bought a Tilley T5. I liked it so much that I tried to steal it from him. He responded by buying me my own Tilley T5. We buried him with a few of his favourite things, including his beat up old hat.

Here's mine, still pretty much pristine:



Needs milk and a bidet!
When I’m working outside I wear the Leather Brama I picked up just over a year ago. Otherwise I just throw on a ball cap when running out the door.

These pics are from when I bought it last year.

E8AA2870-FB76-4C8B-A1E4-CBDE0A8328EE.jpeg 2E91D7C2-91D5-4AA2-BDAC-5DD8A0AF62C1.jpeg CDD6100F-95B2-4A96-97DC-853DA0D18EDF.jpeg AB4B6984-1126-4FDF-B9C5-40D3B3A1C28D.jpeg

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Don't overlook military boonie hats, either.

Camo isn't your thing? They come in solid colors. My coyote brown one is nicely sun-faded.

Usually my choice when traveling, or when it can be lost overboard or stolen. $12, good enough for Uncle Sam. Soak it in 3M water repellent and bug spray without fear of wrecking a $70 Tilley.



I have a bunch from Outdoor Research and L.L. Bean. Wide brim and basically waterproof. Great for kayaking. Also a old and worn boonie hat.