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What's your soap for today?

Today is Stirling Executive Man- as always it gave me a great shave Stirling always does …apparently it smells of creed Aventus..I myself have never smelt creed Aventus but to me it smells masculine kinda like Baker Street but a tad different that’s the best I can come up with lol …it just smells pleasant to me …tomorrow is a real popular one I always see around here


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@SterFry, it's a Zenith unbleached boar, model #506U XSE. It is an unbleached boar, 27mm knot with a 56mm loft set in an olive wood handle. It is an outstanding brush. The unbleached bristles give it a different feel than bleached boar bristles. And the handle shape is the best fitting handle in my hand of all my boars. Depending on the day, this Zenith is my second favorite boar behind my Omega Premium Jade, or it's tied for best boar with my Omega Premium Jade. I have another Zenith unbleached boar, model #80B XSE, that is also a stellar performer. It has a 27mm knot with 64mm loft. It's set in a white plastic handle. The handle is fatter & doesn't fit my hand as well. I also have 3 other Zenith boars with bleached bristles. I usually like my boar brushes with lofts under 55mm so they won't be too floppy. But these unbleached bristles hold up & don't get floppy. Obviously, the 56mm loft is less floppy than the 64mm lofted brush, but even the 64mm loft isn't too floppy. I highly recommend Zenith boar to anyone looking for a nice boar, & they aren't expensive!
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