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What's your soap for today?


B&B's Man in Italy
looks like a solid puck @Marco

in the same ballpark as a D.R. Harris soap or better?

Sir, Captain Fawcett and D.R. Harris are the finest tallow based hard soaps currently made in England. These triple milled soaps are produced in the old fashioned way, as a great soap should always be. Scents are magnificents.

This Signature Series from Captain Fawcett's is called "Accademia Scapicchio 1820" and pays homage to the Italian Scapicchio Family, that is one of the ancients and very best families of Master Barbers in the world. The Scapicchio Masters started their barbershop activity in 1820, emigrated to the USA (where legend says they were also the barbershop of choice of Al Capone himself in the 1930's), then returned back to their homeland in Puglia, south Italy. Nowadays, they have the most exclusive Barbershop Academy in Italy, where they perform vintage haircuts and professional straight razor shaves.

The Accademia Scapicchio 1820 soap is a tribute granted from the United Kingdom to Italy, with a "thanks" to the US experience.
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