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What's your soap for today?

Meißner Tremonia Pink Grapefruit (sample). My first time using any Meißner Tremonia soaps and it impressed. In terms of "battle of the grapefruit" with my TOBS sample last week, its hard to tell after one shave, but scent wise TOBS wins. Meißner Tremonia has a nice subtle scent but it doesn't really smell of pink grapefruit. I've read a review that said it has eucalyptus in it which comes through and that might be what it is.
Performance wise, it lathered easily and gave a nice slick, cushioned, stable lather. Residual slickness was good as well, and it left my skin with a nice post shave feel. I have it ahead of TOBS on performance so far but we will see how it shaves the rest of the week!
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