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What's your soap for today?

I went Old School today! ...at least as Old School as it gets for me! In a sentimental mood for no reason at all!

D.R. Harris "Marlborough" was my 1st shave soap and is, of course, a traditional triple-milled, hard puck style soap from a British company with a history spanning over 150 years. I find that the DRH performs quite differently than my "modern" artisan shave soaps, but that is not to say that its performance is lesser in any way.

To accompany my "Old School" theme of the day, I used my original shaving brush - a Simpson's 56 Best Badger.

I also broke out my prized Gillette "Pre-War" (1938-45 with triangular lather slots) Fat Handle Tech razor. I actually own two of these razors (which comprise my entire razor collection). The one I used today (pictured below) was discovered in a local antique shop that my wife and I frequent regularly and where we know the owners. I know that this is a one owner razor with all original components and it is significantly well-worn with considerable brass showing through various places where the nickel plating has been "loved" away. This is my "special occasion" razor and is my top performer! For some reason, it just edges out my otherwise identical Pre-War Tech. My other "daily driver" Pre-War Fat Handle Tech is in very minty condition with near-perfect plating and no observable defects or wear. It is a great looking and performing razor, ...but it just lacks the feel and sentiment of my well-worn friend.

And I always use Reuzel Aftershave, because I use Reuzel hair products exclusively, and my barber stocks this stuff. It also works great, smells great (clean and neutral), and not many others use it!

Old School Shave of the Day.jpg
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