What's your soap for today?

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by Balj86, Jul 23, 2012.

    Murphy and McNeil Kells
  1. Wholly Kaw King of Bourbon
  2. Mikes Orange/Cedar/Black Pepper
  3. Pre de Provence
  4. Proraso White
  5. Haslinger Coconut
  6. DSCF0024 - Edited (1).jpg
    RazoRock "What the Puck?!" Orange Sunrise​
  7. Mike's Coconut
  8. Chiseled Face Summer Storm
  9. Tabac
  10. Arko! Trying it for the first time, I don't mind the smell, but my wife doesn't like it.
  11. Arko
  12. nemo

    nemo Moderator Emeritus

  13. Mike's Bergamot, Orange, Ylang-Ylang
  14. Ron R

    Ron R Contributor

    Razorock XXX soap:a17:
  15. Haslinger’s schafmilch
  16. Oleo Soapworks - Canaan
  17. Route 66 / Barber Shop hop [​IMG]

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  18. mrlandpirate

    mrlandpirate Contributor

  19. RazoRock XXX

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