What's your signature scent?

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    That's me. Probably half my fragrance collection is aromatic fougeres that resemble retro shaving cream, aftershave, barbershops, etc... the other half is all over the map, but nothing gets as much attention as old-man shaving scents!
  1. After wearing dozens and of scents over the last 10 years, I’ve finally settled on Aventus and now Aventus Cologne for summer. Also for fellow Aventus wearers, I recommend the Malin+Goetz Bergamot shower gel. Brings out that awesome citrus bite when first applying either version.
  2. My daily scent is Keihl’s Original Musk as it is wearable for any occasion at all times of the year. For special occasions, my go to is L’animal Sauvage by Marlou.
  3. I wouldn't call it my signature frag, but it is my favorite: Yatagan by Caron.
  4. I have to big of a collection to have an everyday scent.

    I hope to dwindle it down to about 20 or so.

    But if I had to pick from my collection a signature scent. It would be either Guerlain Vetiver or TdH.
  5. I can wear Burberry Brit every day of the fall and winter. But once the warmer weather comes around, there's something too warm and stuffy in this one for me to continue wearing it. I've bounced around some summery scents, but not able to find the ideal one. So far the best has been JV Artisan, but it doesn't last long enough.
  6. Not sure if they could be called signature scents but my most worn are

    - Dolce & Gabbana pour Homme (vintage made in Italy bottles)
    - Chanel Egoiste (true vintage EdT above Chanel)

    I have a collection around 25 bottles which has climbed a bit since I discovered Roja about 6 months ago. Reckless could become my signature because I can't get enough of it
  7. Anything that makes me smell like a wizard.
    Love incensy and deep earth smells.
  8. Bleu de Chanel and Floris Honey Oud.
  9. My go-to frag has long been Yatagan by Caron.
  10. GlazedBoker

    GlazedBoker Contributor

    JV Artisan Pure. It has the same DNA as JV Artisan but with just a bit of a white floral vibe with a gorgeous fresh dry down. On me, I get about 2-3 hours of solid projection and close to 8-10 hours of longevity. Close to the skin but you catch nice whiffs throughout the day.

    Aqua Di Gio Profumo. Incense & Patchouli with fresh Manliness. Pure bad-assery.
    Also, Bottega Venetta Extreme eau de parfum. More for the cooler weather but, think John Wayne in The Quiet Man in the land of Innisfree holding Maureen O'Hara in the rain scene. Piney, earthy and subtle sweetness. A Man's man scent. Bad-assery x10. Not for pansies....
  11. That sounds a lot better, but on me, pure just smells like straight up right guard deodorant
  12. GlazedBoker

    GlazedBoker Contributor

    Perhaps your ph levels on your skin just react differently to the JV Pure juice. That sucks.

    I don't know if you've sampled Guerlain Homme L'Eau as it's similar to Pure but, richer with a nice lime blast and a gorgeous black tea like dry down. Unfortunately, it was discontinued and is getting a bit tougher to find. But, definitely worth picking up.

    A couple others worth considering would be Bvlgari Man Extreme All Black edition, Mercedes-Benz Cologne and Bvlgari Aqua Amara. All still moderately priced and with the latter 2 being discontinued, a bit harder to find....
  13. Whoo. Thats Thme pricy stuff. But sounds like it would be amazing.
  14. GlazedBoker

    GlazedBoker Contributor

    Yes, the price goes up exponentially. But, there are still some low budget options out there that are still popular today. Extremely manly ( to some manly in a Pepe Le Puu way) like Aspen, English Leather, High Karate, Lagerfeld, Pino Silvestre, Brut and many others that carry much of the 70's & 80's vibe for like $10 and under. Not modern but, still masculine....
  15. Noticed you mentioned Guerlain Homme L'Eau. I was teetering between that and regular old Guerlain Homme, and went with the regular. Both are excellent in my opinion, and I think both are discontinued. Seems odd to me that they couldn't give it more than a couple year run before giving up, but what do I know.

    Guerlain Homme claims to have a "mojito" base but I don't quite get that. Maybe a little bit right when you put it on, but it quickly becomes a green woodsy scent to me. I don't kinow if I would call it a signature scent, but I have a tendency to buy a bottle, use it until it's about 1/2-3/4 empty, and then put it under the sink and get a new one. So currently that's the one I'm on. Anyway, I really like it.
  16. GlazedBoker

    GlazedBoker Contributor

    Good pick to be honest. But, as you stated I don't get much of that mojito vibe from Guerlain Homme. I only purchased it once and never reacquired another bottle. Now, the same version but in the edp version is a definite winner for me. The intensity is ratcheted up a notch including both sillage and projection. Ironically I do get a bit of that mojito like aura with a beautiful rum and green woods drydown yet still subtly sweet and creamy fruitness. I can't tell you what the reformulated version is like as I have a 2016 bottled version. If you can get one, I highly recommend it.

    The L'Eau is just a masterpiece of masculine freshness with a slight hint of citrus in the initial opening with a beautiful mint accord that is just devine. Still an aromatic type scent but with a bit more sweetness and the usual rum drydown accord. It's summery masculine perfection. Negative is that it's getting very hard to come by and prices are climbing past the $200 range. A shame that Guerlain has these short runs for some of their flankers and main line standouts. They are perhaps my favorite designer fragrance house that borders on near niche quality fragrances.
  17. Actually I forgot to mention that I was talking about the EDP, tall beveled rectangular bottle like the Vetiver. And now that you mention it, I'm pretty sure I was thinking of Homme L'eau Boisée which is also in the same tall bottle. I don't even remember what I didn't like about it.

    Guerlain needs to name their fragrances a little bit more distinctly. Too confusing. But you are right that they are bordering on niche... it's getting rare to find anything in department stores by them any more, and I live in the greater NYC area.
  18. I’ve used Gevenchy Gentleman since 1972.
  19. Red wine & garlic, probably. :--)

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