What's Your Rotation?

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    I like routines and the Micromatic Monday thread has led me to come up with the following rotation:

    Micromatic Mondays: GEM MMOC
    TTO/Tech Tuesdays: SS, Slim, Krona, Tech
    Weimar Wednesdays: German 37, Merkur
    TTO/Tech Thursdays: see above
    Free Fridays: I like a little random choice
    Straight Saturdays: Crown&Sword, Solingen
    Schick Sundays: G, L, Hydromagic, Adjustable

    Plan to add a Clog Pruf soon too for Monday's

    Anyone else have a set rotation?
  1. Far too exciting for me! I prefer to do a month on the same setup; currently on the Fixed Four for March challenge.
  2. Currently I'm doing the same thing, and might continue with that when we get through March. Going to switch to my Progress with Derby, Omega boar brush, and not sure what blade yet, may be back to Asco reds, might go Astra SP though, haven't used them in a while.
  3. No rotation here. It is whatever razor, soap, and brush that grabs my attention at the moment.

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  4. I use whatever feels right that day.
  5. Amen brothers!
  6. Ive tried doing a rotation...failed miserably. There are just some soap/brush/razor combos I love using, and it's sometimes hard to stray away.
  7. I have too many good things to use. I couldn't stick with anything as formal as a rotation.
  8. martym

    martym Contributor

    Plain Vanilla for me

    Same soap everyday
    Same razor everyday
    Same brush everyday
    Same aftershave everyday
  9. ajkel64

    ajkel64 Ambassador

    I use a razor and blade for a week at a time. This Starts on Monday and finishes Sunday. I use Proraso White Tub soap every Monday to start off and then it is usually whatever soap takes my fancy. The last couple of weeks though I have been using Proraso Green Tub soap 6 days a week to dry and use it up.
  10. I typically use the same razor for the life of the blade, typically 3-4 shaves. The brush and soap rotate shave to shave, I have some preferred brushes for certain soaps. The aftershaves are usually based on the soap selection. If I can't decide or don't feel strongly, it's typically the same soap/aftershave as the previous day.
  11. Razor: I am pretty much down to my ‘destination razor’ as a daily driver.
    Blades: I have an informal rotation of 5 ‘top tier blades’ spiced up with other random options.
    Brush: Down to six in rotation with two ‘on deck’ plus a travel razor.
    Soaps: I rotate around 4/5 hard soaps, with a ‘stock’ of dozens of back-up/alternatives.
    AS: Informal ‘rotation’ of 10 or so, with multiple other options.

    Guess I am heading for the minimalist camp!!! :a29::a29:
  12. TOUGH GUY!! :a50::a50:
  13. First, I appreciate your contributions on Micromatic Mondays. That thread has resulted in several being able to be introduced to the GEM razors and their respective histories.

    I really don't like the limitations of a rotation. I do try to participate in Micromatic Monday and Torrey Tuesday, a SR thread.

    I enjoy the variety that Daily Double provides.

    It's fun for me to look into that big shoe box where I store my collection and use a razor I have not used in a while. That a Gillette RFB has to compete with a Gillette Sheraton is too cool.
  14. My only razor is my Merkur 1904--with a Weber Bulldog handle.
    I will resume rotating blades between Astra SPs and Personna Reds when the FFFM event ends.
    When FFFM ends, I will go back to my Omega 11126 full time.
  15. Whichever of these calls out each day.
  16. Regular rotation Mon-Sat and then Sunday is a guest appearance from one of my remaining 40+ vintage. Top Left - 54 Super Speed, 1930's Segal, 56 Red Tip, 05 Single Ring, 1930 NEW SC and Pre-war Tech.
  17. I rotate my brushes. I use my synthetic on sunday, badger on monday and boar on thursday. I generally use the same razor and the soaps and blades stick around till they’re used (4 shaves per blade.) I do participate in Stetson Sundays now though!
  18. I do use a Pinaud Clubman AS on Friday, but I have 4 different ones, so not that limiting.
  19. I like to alternate. Each month I’ll choose 2 brushes, 2 soaps, 2 razors, etc. then I’ll use them in all of the combinations I can think of. I don’t write it down or really keep track. But I try to find different combinations to use through out the month. I find this lets me dial in particular products while also using everything eventually.

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