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What's your 'recovery' soap/cream?

You know the one. After you spend a couple days trying to figure our how to lather your newest soap and it just doesn't seem quite there, what's your trusty work horse? The one you know will lather well and give a great shave, to get things back on track?

For me, right now it's TOBS Eton College for the cream, and RR XXX for the soap.
Van der hagen deluxe. Love everything about it. Fabulous soap, need to pick more up. Next to that i also use arko, and derby regular cream

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Arko all the way here. Just busted it out yesterday after a long run with Proraso White that for some reason wasn't cutting it.

Actually in my experience I find that retreating all the way back to an ace setup is the best. For me that means Arko, and my Merkur 33C.
A couple of days like this and it resets things that got broken somehow.
My recovery cream is T&F No.10, had the best shave with it thus far and loved the scent and how it feels on my face. As for soap, I have only used Proraso Red so there is that.
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