What's your price cutoff for a splash?

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    i'm in the $20.00 camp as well, I don't need to spend that much on aftershave, the great thing is that we have alot of makers of aftershaves, and they all do a good job of being priced within a few bucks of each other and there are alot of good values out there
  1. I'll go with under $20 but with the exception of Speick most of my repeat purchases are under $15. I did spend $40 for some Royall Spyce once because it reminds me of my Dad.
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    When I started wetshaving I went nuts buying stuff, and now I have a lake of aftershave splash in a plethora of small and large bottles, and I doubt I'll be buying any more for years to come.

    But let's say I had to start over again. Hmm ... a bottle of aftershave goes a long way. I used up a bottle of Lucky Tiger and it took the better part of a year to go through. I'd probably get a small collection of inexpensive aftershaves ... Aqua Velva, a Pinaud Clubman (probably the reserve), Lucky Tiger, and Speick. Toss in a bottle of Musgo Real and one bottle of "expensive" stuff that works well for special shaves ... DR Harris Arlington? ... and call it done. One bottle of each and that's years of shaves taken care of.
  3. What? You didn’t tell me???? I’m gonna steal a lil bit of that when I come over for beers next week! Mostly I’m just interested to see if I’ll like the scent

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  4. My price point depends on ingredients. I have a hard time paying 15+ dollars for scented water,alcohol,
    and witch hazel. Put some quality face nourishing ingredients in the aftershave and a scent that will last
    longer than 10 minutes and I'll pay for it. Give me some value.
  5. I spent $10 or $11 on a bottle of British Sterling. That's probably about the cutoff for me.
  6. I have a hard time paying over $20, with a few exceptions. I had no problem buying big bottles of Floid because you get so much in the bottle. I also have no problem spending over $20 on PAA aftershaves as they almost approach EDT territory in terms of longevity. You can look at those as inexpensive colognes that are good for your skin.
  7. Hi,

    $10 is my limit. Fortunately, I like Clubman and Aqua Velva.
  8. This is me. I find B&M Reserve to be a top notch alcohol based splash.
  9. I do look up to the $20 point, but prefer to keep my purchases under $10.
  10. $20 is my limit. Ive got quite a few PAA splashes that are incredible *** but Im not sure that they are worth the money. Its just aftershave, afterall and I could just buy a bottle of Old Spice at any brick and mortar store for $8 that does the same thing.
  11. The razo rock lines nail it for price and quality, and then toss in the fact that they come in a decently sized bottle......it’s a no brainer for me. My bottle of “Italian barber amici” is still going strong with over 3/4 left and it’s been now three months. I shave everyday as well so I tend to burn through the after shave quicker then most.

    I haven’t tried the PAA or barrister and man lines yet, but at some point I’ll pull the trigger.

    My only complaint with aftershaves is all of the names, just call them what the scent profiles are, it’s a turn off to buy a bottle of “sailer jelly moon mission” of course this is an example. If it’s a bay rum profile.......call it as such.
  12. Under ten bucks. LOL
  13. I mostly use Australian Private Reserve, so whatever it costs (35 AUD down here)
  14. I'm not frugal, I'm cheap. $10 has to be my cut-off. Old Spice is my go-to aftershave.
  15. Since I can get all my favourite Splashes under 10€ for 100ml, it is that exactly:

    Speick Original
    Speick Active
    Proraso Green
    Proraso Red

    All cost me under 10€, unless I get the 400ml bottle of Proraso. I doubt there is a better value out there for me.
  16. Unfortunately I really enjoy PAA's aftershaves, so I don't really have a choice but to spend $25 if I want one. With that said I only own a couple at a time, and all the other aftershaves I own are around $10-$15.
  17. What are some of your best PAA scents? I have a few but they are all so sweet, really too sweet. Can you recommend
    some scents that have a different profile. I have Cavendish, Dapper Doc's, 9, and Cucumber
  18. If you don't want sweet scents, I'd recommend CAD, their classic barbershop scent, ATG prickly pear a very refreshing cool scent, and gondolier, a take on a classic cologne, quite powdery and floral scent. Porthos might be worth looking into as well, I have the soap and its a bright leathery cologne scent, very nice.
  19. I ordered quite a few of PAA's aftershave samples, as they are only $1 for a cologne sample sized tube, which gets me about 2 applications, or almost 3. I agree with your general assessment: Most of them are too sweet. Like they are based on rose or jasmine or something similar.

    I will agree with the last person who posted: CaD is *fantastic*. It's almost everything I'm looking for in an everyday barbershop type scent. Of all of the others I tried, I also purchased full sized bottles of "Lime Teatree Ginger" and "Oud Spice". The Lime one is quite good, but apparently very few other people like it, so PAA has discontinued it. "Oud Spice" is their take on the original Shulton Old Spice. I want to like it more, but it's "too spicy" after it dries and I only use it rarely.

    I'm interested in Gondolier since it has a reputation kind of like CaD, but I haven't tried it yet. Like the other guy before me, I also liked the Prickly Pear Western Barbershop scent, but ultimately found it to *also* be too sweet and did not purchase a full sized bottle.

    Good luck.


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