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What's Your Preferred Blade?

Vintage: Spoiler, Super Platinum Chrome, Plus Platinum, Platinum Plus, Super Irridium
New: Polsilver, Silver Star
Astra SP are great value for money and a good benchmark. GSB are a little better in sharpness and smoothness but cost more but I do get more shaves out of them.
I just ordered 150 blades from eBay.

50 BIC Chrome to use in my AS-D2. They are as good as the Feather blades but cheaper, imho.

50 Astra SP and 50 Gillette 7 O'clock Yellow to use in every other razor. I couldn't decide which to get, so I just bought 50 of each.

I picked up the 50 Astra SP for just £3.50, which has to be the best value in blades.

I found there's not much of a saving buying 100 blades rather than 50 at a time if you shop carefully.

I've tried quite a few different blades, but kept coming back to these three for a BBS shave without cuts or nicks.
On straight bar de razor I like Astra Green Platinum blades. On slant bar de razors I like Kai stainless steel blades. I do also appreciate Personna blue blades and Feather Blades.
At the fird place there are Gilette Blue blades, Gilette 7 o'clock blades and Sputnik blades.
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