What's Your Moustache Wax For The Day?

Discussion in 'Beards & Moustaches' started by Senshi, May 21, 2014.

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    I feel your pain. The two I'm currently using are Dr. Dittmar's and Brother's Love. Both come in a tube and are gum based rather than beeswax based. Of the two I like Brother's Love better. Dr. Dittmar's seems to get a little flaky by the end of the afternoon.

    I have seen white beeswax on line in the past, and am going to try to find some to make my own.
  2. Clubman Moustache Wax - I also used Clubman AS (after my shave) and Styling Gel (on my hair)
  3. It's a surprise but I'll be posting it here.

    For all you facial hair aficionados, do you think an acquisition thread would be in order here?
  4. Got my FW Wacky Tacky today, initial impressions are good, but we'll see how it holds up tomorrow.
  5. Clubman neutral. So close to being done with this.
  6. Running low
  7. FW Wacky Tacky today. Great stuff.
  8. Firehouse wacky tacky
  9. I change up waxes all the time as I have a pretty serious Handlebar...... but sometimes change it up for a quasi English or some creation...Today's wax of choice and first time using it was Jenulence Citrus & Cedarwood. It definitely has hold but flakes more than I care for once dry.

    $007.jpg $005.jpg
  10. Use fisticuffs everyday, have only tried one other (can't remember the name right now - it's got a frog on it). Seems to work good for a good price. Good thread!
  11. Welcome to B&B RoyalCake !!! Congrats on your first post here with us on the moustache and beard threads ! This is a huge site with tons of info ...seriously it would take multiple lifetimes to scratch the surface enjoy ! be sure to check in if you have not already in the new member check-in !

    - Aaron
  12. John Frieda makes (made?) a Sheer Blonde hair wax called Spun Gold that works great in my 'stache (yes, I have blonde hair). One tin lasts years.
  13. Firehouse wacky tacky
  14. Mine is the Diamond Bar Shaving company wax. I love this stuff. I actually used it yesterday. The wax held perfectly at the pool all day in 90 degree heat and the chlorine from the pool! It blends well and works great. $10527629_10154426502155647_2374243266331864811_n.jpg
  15. anyone tried the Fisticuffs in Lavender? I only have the original lemon one and its a bit pungent for me. Lavender sounds better
  16. As always
  17. HTGAM “Tache’ Wax
  18. Edwin Jagger “bergamot and cedar” wax w/ Kent 81T comb
  19. Clubman chestnut followed by firehouse wacky tacky
  20. Firehouse “Dark” wax

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