What's Your Moustache Wax For The Day?

Discussion in 'Beards & Moustaches' started by Senshi, May 21, 2014.

    What fine product are you using to tame your cookie duster? Do you have any recommendations for the soup strainer below your nose? Tell us how that fine flavor saver is holding up.

    I'll start things off. Today I'm using HTGAM Tache Wax. The scent is wonderful, like cloves and bay. Easily applied and combs in very easily.
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  1. August West

    August West Moderator Emeritus

    Bacon grease.
  2. strop

    strop Moderator Emeritus

    Capt, Fawcett. Scraped the last little bit out of the jar. Not to worry, though, as I have several other brands on hand!
  3. strop

    strop Moderator Emeritus

    Today is Fisticuff's with a little bit of Clubman to finish off.
  4. I no longer have my handlebar (here I pause for a moment of respectful silence), but I still use stache wax to keep my eyebrows and goatee in line. Today it's Man's Face Stuff Stiff Breeze, one of my (and SWMBO's) favorites.
  5. Bootlegger's Bay Rum Moustache Wax.
    (30% coconut oil, 70% beeswax, pinch of gum Arabic per tablespoonful of final product, 2 drops bay oil per tablespoon)
  6. Firehouse Wacky Tacky (use about 75% of time)
  7. Fisticuffs for me today. The occasional touch-up with Badger Navigator
  8. Franken mixture of Wacky Tacky, chapstick, beeswax, lanolin and what ever else I have to throw in there.
  9. strop

    strop Moderator Emeritus

    Dr. Dittmar.
  10. Firehouse Mustache Wax- Wakey Tacky
    if you don't know about the Firehouse Wax (looks like a lot do), it's made by a fireman who is also a horse shoer...
    he was trying to make the best wax for his 'stache. Somethin that would hold up to the conditions a fireman/blacksmith goes threw. He would give his samples to the other guys in the house and get feed back. Soon after became a mustache wax producer (when his wife said who's gonna want mustache wax), who named the company in honor of they guys who helps him come up with his waxes.
    the wacky tacky is their strong hold and a darker hue. Has a nice smell that isn't to sweet, but isn't just a wax smell. I'd say like a woody type smell

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  11. Clubman Neutral.

    I was very disappointed in this "wax". It's such a shame because I love all of their other products from AS to Talc to Styling Gel. Just trying to use the rest of this up and finish it already.
  12. strop

    strop Moderator Emeritus

    Thanks. I've use the regular for several years. I can't use any dark wax, since I have a white mustache, and it ends up looking yellow. Same problem with Oregon Wild Hair. It has the perfect consistency for my but is just too yellow in color.

    I agree. By itself it is not enough. I'll use it to control the stray hair or two, and I've mixed it into my homemade "frankenwax"
  13. Using HTGAM wax again. So much better than the Clubman.

    That firehouse wax is mighty tempting...
  14. strop

    strop Moderator Emeritus

    Firehouse is good stuff.

    Still with Fisticuffs and Dr. Dittmar to finish.
  15. Using the Clubman again. There are two redeeming qualities for this wax;

    1. It does have a good hold for a large portion of the day.
    2. It tastes disuisting. This may seem like a negative but it keeps me from licking my moustache. :tongue_sm
  16. I've been using Clubman neutral, but I need something that is darker and lasts longer.
  17. I've only just started growing my facial fuzz, so at the moment nothing, but last year during and after Movember I used Fat Jack's Wax. Now granted, it's the only brand I've used, but I found it easy to use, good scent, no discolouration of the 'tache, an all-round winner in my book.
  18. I recently shaved it off for Mother's day (given as a present to Mrs. Coachschaller). I would use a pomade some days and then others I would use got-to-b-glued. Any one else use the got-to-b-glued? The Wacky Tacky wasn't doing a good job anymore :(

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