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What's your go to soap when trying a new razor?

Have just acquired a new razor and unsure of the aggressiveness, which soap/cream would you reach for to give the best protection 'just in case'? Won't mention the razor just yet, maybe will drop in shave of the day when I've given it a run out.
Whatever soap you have that works best for you. One you already know you can get a good lather from, has good protection, and good slickness. Don't try anything new (this goes for blades, too; use a blade that you know works for you).
I don't have a soap I use in testing because I tend to stick to a soap for at least a couple of months at a time. Then that soap is lathering at optimum level and is not a variable anymore. When testing, keep the variables to a minimum. That applies for testing a new blade too.
All the new soaps today seem superior in slickness and glide. I really don’t have a problem with any of them. Creams are another animal. Although there are nice creams out there that create tons of lather effortlessly, I’ve found they don’t offer the slickness and protection of soaps.
Preferably one I use a lot and under the same conditions as normal
In general it is stirling pre shave, stirling soap.
Unless I am really anxious to try then I might make a mess by using some tube with cream