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Whats your franken soap consist of?

My current favorite franken-soap has been a half tub of PAA Sangre de Drago mashed together with a half tub of Stirling Sheep. I get the amazing scent of Sangre de Drago, with the otherworldly performance of Sheep. In my own mind I refer to it as Sangre de Sheep :D
I had Black Ship Tortuga and the scent was just a bit too heavy for me, so I adulterated it with a puck of Haslinger Schafmilch. Now it lathers even better, but man the scent is still strong.
Mine is just odds and ends of soaps that I've almost finished. Puck rings, dead sticks, broken chunks that I've crammed into an Old Spice mug.

Currently some Williams, Palmolive stick end, Valobra menthol, Speick stick slices, and something white ... can't remember. Looks like clown barf but smells better.
precisely mine too, some Williams, MWF, Wilkinson, and a few others I can't recall.
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