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Whats your franken soap consist of?

Hello B&B, I was wondering what your Franken soaps consist of and how you store them? I store mine in a Tupperware I got from work and it consists of x1 full container of Oleo Polar x1 full container of B&M Terror and 3/4 container of NO Orbit with a recent addition of about 2oz of ground/crushed up menthol. It is colder than a witches ***, I assure you. Lol


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Mine is just odds and ends of soaps that I've almost finished. Puck rings, dead sticks, broken chunks that I've crammed into an Old Spice mug.

Currently some Williams, Palmolive stick end, Valobra menthol, Speick stick slices, and something white ... can't remember. Looks like clown barf but smells better.
I take whatever bits of soap I have leftover as well as some samples I have not used and grate them. If they are too soft to grate and I just cut them up into small pieces. I then mix them together and store them in an anchor hocking container when I then use.
How do you blend it?
I just use a grater to shred both Williams and half bar of Dove, Tallow based of Dove works best, then mix flakes well and press into a favorite bowl using wet fingers, thumbs mostly, till all flakes are pressed into a hard puck. After a few hours to dry or my next shave I puck lather adding a few drops of water as needed, to a quick and great lather
How do you blend it?

Even though your question wasn't directed at me:

I run a bar of Dove Shea Butter through a Pampered Chef garlic slicer.
I mix four tablespoons of coconut oil into it.
I run two bars of Neutrogena through the slicer
and mix the Neutrogena into that.
This is all done cold.

The coconut oil mixes into the Dove very much more easily
than it does into the Neutrogena.


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For me, it’s whatever odds, ends and nibbletbits accumulate. And, time for confession: I then use my lovely wife’s cheese grater under the cloak of darkness.

Last time was heavy on Tabac, and had a heck of a time getting the smell of grandma’s purse neutralized.


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Mine has remnants of a cake of Mitchell's, and a few ditched samples. They include Cyril Salter, Czech and Speke No.88, Saponicio Varesino Felce Aromatics, and maybe something else I've forgotten.


Abandoned By Gypsies.
What worked best for neutralizing that scent?

I'm thinking bleach water or maybe vinegar?
Wish I had thought of that! Just used a lot of hot water, dish brush and muscle. That shaving soap was so slippery that it made scrubbing the cheese grater downright dangerous.

Back to the Tabac smell, I’m sure it was psychosomatic, but our Parmigiano Reggiano white sauce several nights later kept conjuring up thoughts of grandma.

I love mixing soaps and creams. The latest is MWF grated and Body shop cream which I find is a little bit too this in the tub. The result is one off The best products I've tried, including high end soaps. Sublime lather and so close comfortable shave.
I layer Stirling samples parfait-style. Lately, I've got "Lemon Chill," "Lime," "Weekend" in Malibu and "Island Man" layered in an old Noxzema jar.

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I layer Stirling samples parfait-style. Lately, I've got "Lemon Chill," "Lime," "Weekend" in Malibu and "Island Man" layered in an old Noxzema jar.
I also ‘parfait’ Stirling samples in empty B&M Reserve jars. I have a full puck of 5 different mutton tallow samples all blended together. Talk about ‘complex’ scent!
My greatest frankensoap, now long gone was Palmolive stick, Valobra stick, Harris stick, with a large lump of MWF. Always gave great shaves and I was sad to use it up. I’m thinking of starting another using, Palmolive stick, La Toja, MWF, and Stirling Scots pine sheep. The Stirling performs well but I really can’t get on with its scent. The other three are top performers in the own right.
With the most recent splurge I tried sample disks of Black Cherry and Evie. I like the cherry, but there are no layers to the scent and Evie was quality but not me. Snapped in half and side-by-side in the dish though...:hips:
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