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What's your favourite Simpson Brush?

I've currently use a Simpson Wee Scot that I bought because of its size for travelling & an introduction to Simpson as a brand a few months ago. Before that I used a Men-U synthetic for 9 years. I'm really impressed with the Wee Scot, & was of the opinion that a brush was a brush before I bought the wee scot.

Now I've got the Simpson bug, I want a more substantial size for everyday use. So people, what's your favourite Simpson?
I love my Duke 3 but if you don't want to break the bank; I think you would love the Berkeley 46.

Classic 1. I just love the aesthetics of it, especially the older style with one ring around it. I like the size of the brush, and the handle fits me just right. I did notice the hair on the older style is more dense and also feels a bit softer to me, hence my reason for picking another one of those up, might try and pick up another one of these older styles, as once there gone, there gone. Simpson does make some nice brushes thats for sure.



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I love my Simpsons too, so welcome! I have a Classic 2, Chubby 1s in Best, Super, and two-band, a Duke 2, a 58, a Major in Super, and a Tulip 1. The best balanced brushes in terms of backbone and flow through in order are the Duke 2 and the 58, folowed by the Tulip. I also like the handles on these the best.

The Chubby in Best is one of a lot of very soft fine hair that has been referred to as "chestnut" and is as soft as the two-band. All of the Chubbys are dense enough to need a little extra water added during lather, but define the term "wall of badger". Everyone should experience one at some time.

The 58 is also kind of unusual, very soft and short-lofted with whiter tips than usual. it really should be more like the Duke than it is.

When you shop for Simpson's you need to remember the knots are all over the place even within grades. Just because you have one of a certain model doesn't mean another won't be so different it's like a different brush. The best example is the Chubby two-bands, which are very soft and are bulb-shaped, unlike "regular" Chubbys with the classic Simpson hybrid bulb-fan shape and a little scritch. Really the only thing they have in common with the usual line is the name and handle.

So good luck in your hunting! I've always liked to buy used, or from TSS because Jarrod photographs and measures every single brush, so you have a better chance at getting a brush with the characteristics you're looking for.

Cheers, Steve
I love my Chubby 1 in super. It's a little lather machine with very soft tips
I kept on reading complaints that the size was too small but bought one anyway. It's a fantastic brush with extremely soft tips and great density/backbone. If you shop around you can find a used one on the forums or ebay, clean/sanitize it using mac brush cleanser and have a brush that is as good as new plus save 40% vs buying it at retail. After trying a super it's hard to go back to a best.
I have a Duke 2, Duke 3, and Chubby 2. All of them are in best badger and I am not sure if I have a favorite. They are all great brushes!
My Chubby2 in Best is,along with my Rooney Stubby 3XL,my absolute favorite brush. Fantastic all around brush and well worth the big $ I spent on it !



Hard to really pick a favorite, they're all such good brushes, but probably my Duke3 Best, but my other 4-5 Simpsons are all so close it almost makes no difference which one I pick
I have one, a Colonel. I had to send 2 back from the vendor before I got a non shedder (WCS, great store). The only badger I use, it gets about 2-4 uses a week. Great soft bristles and works well with all soaps and creams. I mostly use soaps with the face lather method and I find it a good scrubber. MWF whips up super easy with the Colonel.
I have a Commodore X2 and a 58, both in Best, and a Chubby 2 synthetic badger and I enjoy them all. No shedding issues, soft tips, plenty of backbone and moderately priced. Winners all, to my mind.
Also a commodore X2 in best - looking for something larger for my next simpson... polo perhaps???

I should add that its a lovely brush...
I have a Commodore X3 in Best on the way from WCS. Hoping to take a step up to a Duke in a few months and then end up with a Chubby 3.
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