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What's Your Favorite Type Of Safety Razor?

Which Type Safety Razor Is Your Favorite?

  • 1-Piece (Twist To Open)

    Votes: 17 18.7%
  • 2-Piece

    Votes: 4 4.4%
  • 3-Piece

    Votes: 78 85.7%

  • Total voters
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Wow, I'm still the only one to have voted for the 2 piece. Granted I voted for all three.

Here's a few excellent 2 piece razors off the top of my head. There's many more
Eclipse Red Ring
Parker Variant or for some the Progress
Barbasol Floating Head
Rocnel Sailor

All the old Gillette "3" pieces may as well be 2 piece as well. Anything with a handle and baseplate attached really. With this design you can do the Gillette twist back 1/8 to 1/4 turn back +/- and have an adjustable razor with all of them.
From a utilitarian, convenience standpoint, I understand why TTOs and DE blades loaded from cartridges came to dominate. I still prefer a 3-piece. Better shaves with less bulk, handles can be changed out, far more of choices among models, both in vintage and modern designs.

Is a cartridge considered a 1 or 2 piece?
It is three piece every time for me. My best shaves come from and favorite razors are three piece. I appreciate the simplicity of the basics that allows the creativity to focus on how it holds a blade and shaves.

I do appreciate the fun factor of TTO and even two piece razors. But, that fun tends to end shortly after it touches my face.
In the DE forum it is just a piece.

I'd call a cart a 2 piece, with a disposable as a 1 piece.

That lovely long neck Shovelhead in your atavar is a flip-to-open 1 piece, until you take the handle off.
Nice observation.

I would agree. Technically you really don’t need to unscrew it. 1 pc.

When you do. 2 pc. I use it has a 2 pc. I clean and I disassemble after each use. I like to rotate handles with each use.

Long, short, knurling, no knurling.
I'm currently waiting on (yet another) vintage Gillette Super Speed (a 1952 model). When it arrives, I'll have 8 safety razors and it just occurred to me that 5 of the 8 of them will be TTO types.
I guess I vote with my wallet! :cornut:
1 piece is easiest to load but can be prone to breaking because of the doors and mechanism.
2 piece is a pain for me to load
3 piece is indestructible and simple
I choose the 3 piece hands down!
I cannot argue with those who say the 3-piece is the most stable, robust design. No argument at all. And I love my Edwin Jagger DE89, my Rockwell 6C and my Razorock Game Changer 68-P. They are all excellent razors and I could live with any of them as my only razor for the rest of my life and be happy.
But I'm drawn to 1-piece Twist-To-Open razors. I've got five of 'em now:


L to R: Van Der Hagen TTO, 1955 Gillette Super Speed Blue Tip, 1953 Super Speed, Vikings Blade Emperor Meiji, 1952 Super Speed.

The Gillette Super Speed is to me the epitome of DE safety razor design. Consider this: the three Super Speeds in the above picture are 68, 70 & 71 years old and they work impeccably. So while on paper they might seem frail, in reality, if you treat them with respect, they hold up remarkably well.

A few more random shots ...





I just received a 1952 (X3) Super Speed. It's in line for tomorrow morning's shave ...

As it turns out, I think I prefer open combs. Who knew?
As it turns out, I seemed to have submitted my message before I finished my thought. We typically see open combs in 3-pieces these days, so my vote is for 3-piece razors. Sorry for the apparent lapse in my first post.
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