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What's your favorite scent for wax?


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I've used lots of different waxes over the years, but as my hair became whiter and whiter, it became harder and harder to find light (read: white) colored ones. Currently I am using Cowboy Comb and Firehouse light, both of which are working well for me. The only problem is that they are unscented. This morning I found myself really wishing there was some scent.

Oregon Wild Hair has a really strong musk scent that I didn't like at first but grew on me. I've used Sandalwood scented and Lavender scented as well. I also really like the scent of Brother's Love, even though I can't identify what the notes are.

So if you are making your own wax, what scent would you use?
My wife has this really weird scent thing. If she doesn't like something, she can't stand it. There's no in between for her so I prefer unscented if possible.
The American Gentleman Co is by far my favorite scent. Smells like clove, cinnamon and bay. Absolutely wonderful to have on my soup strainer.