What's your favorite online coffee supplier?

Discussion in 'The Cafe'' started by DoctorShavegood, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. Green Coffee: Burman Coffee Trader

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    There's a local supplier in Portland, Oregon that I got mine for called Mr. Green Beans and is about a 30 minute drive from my home.
  3. I have settled on George Howell. They roast on Monday’s and ship Monday as well. They have an excellent selection of espresso beans, which is what I drink. With UPS I get my coffee beans Wednesday. So they are very fresh. I keep my beans in the freezer ( I know it is controversial) and only put them in the grinder just when I am about to grind them.
  4. For green coffee beans I used Coffee Bean Corral. They have a good selection and reasonable shipping.
  5. I am a big fan of George Howell in Massachusetts
  6. UK based here and I only drink decaf. I'm a big fan of Marks and Spencer's House Decaf. It's ready ground but I grind it espresso fine in my Mazzer Major. It's pure Columbian and delicious and for £3.50 a bag it's a no-brainer. I go through large quantities and it's all I drink these days.
  7. In Southern Ontario, Carvalho Coffee, Reunion Island Coffee, Pop Coffee Works. Prefer small to medium roasters.
  8. I get mine from Blue Macaw Coffee Roasters on eBay. They roast and ship in one day. If I order on Monday morning I get my coffee on Friday clear across the country. I've tried their Kenyan, Ethiopian and Tanzania peaberry and each have been outstanding. My local roasters all roast these African beans too dark. Blue Macaw is a true medium roast
  9. I think that the re-grind process is the secret. It works on all brands of coffee. I use a funnel to brew then.
  10. Used to order from Paradise coffee roasters when they were still in Minnesota. Transit from Hawaii now might take longer. Their s.o. Brazilian and classic espresso were very good.

    Dark matter coffee out of Chicago has some great roasts. I'm partial to their unicorn blood espresso.

    Big shoulders coffee is overall good. Don't like their espresso, but the Burundi is excellent.
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    I'm in the UK. Good roasters I use again and again:

    - Quarter Horse, located in Birmingham
    - Origin, located in Cornwall

    I've never once been disappointed in beans from either of these roasters.
    Both do online orders.

  12. Black Rifle Coffee Company.
  13. Bongo Java
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