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What's your favorite Cream/Soap and AS/Balm Combo?!?


I've been thinking about what the best combos are for Cream/Soaps and AS/Balms... BUT, I am curious to know your favorites are that aren't the same scent or brand (i.e. something like Nancy Boy Signature Cream and Hydrolast Peppermint ASB.... as opposed to T&H 1805 Cream and ASB).

Mine would be Trumpers GFT Cream and Baxters ASB...

What is yours?!?
Yesterday's shave was AOS Sandalwood soap, AOS Sandalwood AS gel and AOS Sandalwood Cologne.

I'm not saying it's my favorite or the best, but I really liked it. Great shave and the cologne lasts about 10 hours so I enjoyed the scent all day.
Mine is The Gentlemen's Refinery Standard Pre-Shave Oil, TGR Standard Shave Cream, TGR Unscented ASB (after washing my face w/ Burt's Bees and splashing some Thayers non-alcoholic Rose WH), and then TGR Standard Moisturizer.....

Detecting a little bit of a pattern??? I love TGR's products, as they work really well for me and are incredibly easy on my face. It doesn't hurt that I'm also on an all-natural/organic kick lately, and that's what they do in terms of ingredients.
Tabac and Swiss Pitralon, the Pitralon scent isn't for everybody but its skin care is excellent.

My favorite (special days) would have to be Penhaligon's B.B. soap, Thayers Rose WH capped with Speick EDT,. I am waiting on some C&S Dark Rose now and think this might round out this combo nicely.

My daily go to favorite is Trumpers Lime soap, along with their AS and EDT in limes as well.
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