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What's YOUR criteria for a PIF?

I have this razor along with several blades that were PIF'd to me by a great member here and now I'm looking to do the same for another.

I just don't recall the circumstances by which it was PIF'd to me.:tongue_sm

Nothing major of course, perhaps 100 pushups in 30 seconds or something minor like that I suppose ............. :001_tongu

Just troll thru the Newbie sub-forum, pick an unsuspecting member, and BOOM ............. secret delivery?


the bowl has to stay though lol
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Here's what I'd do.

Set your criteria: must have less than 100 posts, or conus only, or have never used this before, or posts the best joke (these are fun), etc.

Be transparent about selection: will use random number generator, will choose the post I think most deserving, etc.

Set a time limit: By next Thursday, for 24 hours, etc.

I hope this helps, and bravo for the PIF!
+1 to the post above for concise guidelines.

As far as a criterion, I've always thought it would be fun to do a PIF where entrants can't enter their own names, but must enter the name of another member who's been particularly helpful or kind.

Above all, have fun with it!!
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