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What's your coffee today? What brew method? Photos

Double shot of Moak espresso from my Saeco, topped up with hot water to a perfect black Americano.


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Espresso double shot of a Dark City blend Mitzi's Cafe this morning. Cappuccino this evening with beans roasted by idrinkcoffee Daterra Farms Monte Cristo using 10% cream and one of my wife's antique tea cups. A thing of beauty.

I'm loving the Ascaso Dream UP V2.0 from idrinkcoffee. The second coffee machine I've purchased from them. I had an issue with the Ascaso which was a used machine. They addressed the issue quickly and certainly met my expectations.
Finished the absolute last of the beans I roasted.

Snowed 10" yesterday so I need to go back out with the snow shovel to roast more <sigh>
Peete's Major Dickason's blend It was good, full bodied, good flavor and I like it BUT it is on par with many others k-cup

As for the Aeropress, I am going to play devil's advocate here, it seems the main advantage is not having grit as other french press makers do.

Actually I have learned to enjoy a little grit as I often get some at Starbucks/others
Blue Bottle Ethiopia Sidama Homacho Waeno, using a Hario Woodneck pour-over flask with a 1:16 coffee to water ratio (1gram of beans to 16grams of water).

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